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Big Brother 17: HOH and Eviction Results for 07/16/2015

Who went home on Big Brother 17 on tonight July 16, 2015? Who was evicted in the live vote? Who are the new Heads of Household?

Here are the results for Week 3 on Big Brother.

I’ll be live blogging tonight’s action so keep up below!

Is Jeff’s ‘race’ on Big Brother over yet? Or will the other side of the house lose another member in James?

Mini Week Recap

It’s been an eventful week in the BB house, but not too-too much going on. One side of the house initially believed Audrey was the target while Clay/Shelli wanted James gone and began to communicate that to their side of the house. However when John won the veto and Jeff started getting on everyone’s nerves, he began the target and looks poised to be evicted from the house tonight.

Live Show Recap 

– I MISS DA’VONNE SO MUCH! Production, figure out something to get her back! She WAS this show.

– Jason says Audrey has had more comebacks than Cher. LOL. James says he wishes that Audrey would have been on the block, bt since al to of people are mad at Jeff it takes the target off of him. Jackie says Jeff being on the block is a devastating disaster for her. He will get her vote regardless.

– Meg is talking about she can’t really decide , which is ridiculous because James thinks they are close. If thats the case James should have thrown his vote to Day last week. Jeff is going around pitching himself to people. One of the people he pitches to is Shelli, and is crying and saying that all of this is unfair to Jackie. But as Jackie comes in to talk to him, he tells her it took all of him to pull on her emotional strings.

– Austin’s obsession with Liz is getting creepier and creepier. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Jeff doesn’t think people know about the twins so he’s trying to use it to his advantage with Liz. Also Julia told Liz to stay away from Jeff but she’s not doing it because she loves to flirt. Jeff and Liz are talking under the covers when AUSITN WALKS IN…LOL! Austin is ‘raging’ to everyone about it. Liz thinks that Austin is trying to manipulate her and isn’t here for it. She’s really thinks Jeff can be used to her advantage in the game.

– It’s time for the live vote.

– SN: I don’t understand why fans like John. He be yelling in the DR.

Big Brother 17 Summary Week 1
HOH Nominated for Eviction
Vanessa Rousso #BB17

Vanessa Rousso #BB17

Jeff Weldon #BB17

Jeff Weldon #BB17

James Huling #BB17

James Huling #BB17

Votes to Evict (7) Austin, Meg, Clay, Shelli, Jason, Becky, Audrey (4) Jackie, John, Steve, Liz



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