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Big Brother 17: HOH and Eviction Results for 07/02/2015 – Episode 5 Recap

Who went home on Big Brother 17 on tonight July 2, 2015? Who was evicted in the live vote? Who are the new Heads of Household?

Here are the results for Week 1 on Big Brother.

I’ll be live blogging tonight’s action so keep up below!

Will the week-long cluster mess off Operation Backdoor Jace be a success??

Big Brother 17- HOH and Eviction Results for 07:02:2015 - Episode 5 Recap

Live Show Recap 

– Jace is HEATED ager the veto ceremony. James reassured Jackie she’s fine. Clay and Shelli tried to calm Jace down. Jace says this is about to be worse than Y2K happening….wow. LOL. He goes at speaks with James and James says its nothing personal he just doesn’t want to compete against him as a game player. Jace says its personal. James asks him does he know what game this is.

– Audrey tells Jace she had nothing to do with this. (WOW)  Jace tells her she is always in everyone’s ear, Audrey says he has a clean conscious. Jace says she is manipulative and it is annoying and hopes that the house figures it out before she chomps it all off and wins the game. Jace begins trying to rally votes in his favor. Everyone is getting annoyed at Audrey trying to run the game and she tells Jace that everyone knew that he was going home. Jace says its all Audrey’s plan including revealing she was the one who planted the seed to backdoor Jason.

– We find out that twins are Liz and Julia! They have switched four times during the game. We see the first time they switch and Liz tried to give Julia rundown. Julia says that the first time was nerve-wrecking. This is hilarious when she comes and talks to the girls. LOL. Liz told her one time James likes a little Liz action and Julia goes “Whose Julia!?” They only have 10-15 minutes in between the switches to talk about what has been going on. During voting for eviction, they will join each other in the DR to cast the single vote and the opposite twin will go back into the house.

– Its time to vote. Wow we didn’t even see the meltdown on Audrey.

– Jackie basically says she loves everyone, hopes they keep her, and hopes she sees them afterwards.  Jace says its been a crazy week through the alliance breakdown and he tries to throw James under the bed and speaks very fast about all that has gone on.

Big Brother 17 Summary Week 1
HOH Nominated for Eviction
James Huling #BB17

James Huling #BB17

Jackie Ibarra #BB17

Jackie Ibarra #BB17

Jace Agolli #BB17

Jace Agolli #BB17

Votes to Evict (1) Audrey (12) Jeff, Da’Vonne, Jason, Steve, Liz/Julia, Austin, Meg, Clay, Becky, Shelli, Vanessa, John



– Somehow Jace gets cheers…lol. He doesn’t know who could have been the vote for him. He says he must have came in to strong and shouldn’t have been himself. But then he says it could have been Audrey. Julie confirms it, Jace commends her for what she is doing in the game and she is wonderful and she does love her though he yells at her, but she is trying to save herself.


– Kathy Griffin is here to introduce the next #BBTAKEOVER! The big twist is this week a telephone will appear in the house and Kathy will call them. The person who answers the calls the 7th time will be able to keep 3 people from voting next week.


It’s an endurance one which includes assembling a billboard! There are two rounds for each winner!




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