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Big Brother 17 Bully: Jace intimidates Steve (VIDEO)

If you didn’t know A LOT has been going on in the Big Brother 17 house this week. I’m going to try to wrap it all together for you guys during tonight’s live blog of the episode that comes on tonight at 8p on CBS.

But one facet of this week’s drama has been houseguest Jace, who is on the block to leave this week, intimidating houseguest Steve, who rarely involves himself in the house’s antics and remains low-key, not bothering anyone.

Photo: @BB_Updates

Photo: @BB_Updates

Jace lied to Steve and came up with insults himself last night that the other houseguests had been going around telling each other about Steve. Jace lied about all of it in order to get Steve on his side. This was so wrong. Jace has been saying if things don’t work out right then he will come clean to Steve.

I hope people are just trying to pacify him by entertaining this flipping the house mess, because Jace has TO GO!

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