Bidding on UFC Ends This Week, Company Could Sell for $4 Billion

Last month, news broke that UFC would be put up for sale. Now, reports are stating that the sale is currently underway. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, “the bidding period (for the UFC) is expected to end on or around June 16 … in the $4 billion price range for 100 percent ownership.”

Yes, UFC could have a new owner by the end of business today, or by the end of the week, at the latest. Of course, this runs contrary to what UFC President Dana White claimed when rumors of a sale first broke, as he denied that the company was being sold, and that the story was “overblown”. White is a co-owner of the company alongside CEOs Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, and Abu Dhabi government subsidiary Flash Entertainment. While the sale would mean the Fertittas would be ousted from the company, White could remain on-board as president/promoter if the new owner can convince him to stay. Although I’m not entirely sure why he’d stay if he no longer has an ownership stake in the company.

Bidding on UFC Ends This Week, Company Could Sell for $4 Billion

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Then again, White does appear to have a genuine love for MMA, and he was instrumental in helping build the UFC into what it’s become today. In addition, Meltzer believes whichever bidder purchases UFC would allow White to maintain his stock in the company. I suppose we’ll find out if/when the sale goes through. Needless to say, this could completely change the business if they sell to people who don’t know MMA. Keeping someone like White around could help smooth the transition, but is he really going to want to work that hard without an ownership stake? This sale is going to have major implications for the industry going forward.

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