Beyonce’s Champagne Bubble Bath Was Worth Only $300 not $20,000

Beyonce made headlines this week when people complained that she poured a $20,000 bottle of champagne into her bath in her “Feeling Myself” video with Nicki Minaj.

The horror! Tuition fees down the drain, fans complained.

Well, it turns out that the bottle is “only” worth $300. Furthermore it is clearly a product placement for the Ace of Spades brand, which Jay-Z owns.

Cristal complained that rappers were ruining their image, so in December 2014 Jay-Z just bought his own brand of champagne thank you very much.

From Gawker:

Nope! A bottle of Armand de Brignac—a.k.a “Ace of Spades”—retails for about $300. The image floating around showing a $20,000 price tag for a blanc de noirs appears to be a Photoshop of Forbes’ 2014 list of the most expensive champagnes. Someone pasted a photo of Ace’s blanc de blancs (about $300) over the most expensive bottle on the list: Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1998 (which, incidentally, only costs $2,000 and is made from a completely different grape). Whoever manipulated the photo changed the name to “Armand de Brignac” and inflated the price to $20,000, but didn’t change the copy, which doesn’t describe any product Ace has ever sold.

Beyoncé’s husband, Jay Z, is the entire reason Armand de Brignac can charge anyone $300 a pop in the first place. He started hyping the Ace of Spades brand in 2006, after the managing director of Cristal whined about rappers ruining Cristal’s image, and became an investor shortly afterward.

And what placement! In addition to the Armand de Brignac blanc de blancs Beyoncé appears to be soaking in, she’s got the rosé and the brut on deck next to the tub. That’s Ace of Spades’ entire product line in one shot, ready to be dumped into Beyoncé’s champagne soup.

Beyonce's Champagne Bubble Bath Was Worth Only $300 not $20,000

This of course brings us back to the marketing genius of Beyonce and Jay-Z. Of course Beyonce would bathe with wine. She owns the entire winery!

But more importantly that poor bottle was a loss leader. Everything is marketing. Now that’s a lesson worth more than your tuition.

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