Beyonce Shows Off Exclusive Gold Apple Watch, Wears It Wrong

Beyonce just let the world know that she has an exclusive gold Apple Watch and she wore it at Coachella.

She posted new photos on her website on Monday and you can’t miss the watch.

You also won’t miss the fact that she’s wearing it wrong! She’s wearing the watch on her right wrist when it’s supposed to be on the left. The knob on the right side of the watch makes it impossible to use properly if you wore the watch like Beyonce.

Beyonce flaunts gold Apple Watch at Coachella (PHOTOS)

Maybe she just posed with the watch and didn’t really use it. Perhaps she’s never used a watch before and thought it was just some kind of gold bracelet.

That’s what Apple is for these days anyway: all form no function.

The gold Apple Watch is not available in the Apple Store.

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