Beyonce Performance At Coachella Is Still On Even At Third Trimester

Beyonce will be in her third trimester in April this year, but she is still going to perform at Coachella, TMZ confirms.

Beyonce was announced as the headline act at the annual music event but that’s been up in the air for the last few days after Beyonce revealed that she was pregnant with twins.

TMZ reported that two other acts were scheduled to join Beyonce and that she will perform seated if she has to. Oh my gosh!

Beyonce is still performing at next weekend’s Grammy Awards.

I think she should just cancel, but I guess the show must go on. She must be being paid a lot of money for all of this to be worth it. If she’s pregnant, she should be thinking of the babies health and not please concert producers.

Source: Beyonce

Source: Beyonce

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