Beyonce and Jay-Z Wedding Video Released

Jay-Z has released the wedding video he and wife Beyonce aired last summer during their “On the Run” tour.

It’s painfully short, but shows the essentials: Beyonce looking stunningly elegant in a white wedding dress, Jay-Z in a tux and a massive ring on Bey’s finger. “Forever Young” played in the background.

I think Jay-Z posted this on Instagram just to put the doubters in check of course. A lot of people still don’t believe the Carters were married.

Also: It’s their seventh anniversary. 🙂

You know what would be awesome? If they put the entire wedding on TIDAL. Might as well put this in there since the new music service owned by Jay-Z has been adding some very cool exclusives since its launch a few days ago.

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Beyonce Jay-Z Wedding

Beyonce and Jay-Z Wedding Ring

Beyonce and Jay-Z Wedding Video Released

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