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Best and Worst Cities To Celebrate Halloween 2015

Here are the best and worst cities in America for Halloween this year. The average person in America will spend around $74.34 on Halloween-related things in 2015, down slightly from 2014. These include: costumes, candy and decorations.

WalletHub has ranked the best cities to celebrate Halloween this year (and the worst). The criteria include: Safety and Surroundings, Parties and Activities and Halloween Weather.

Some key stats in their findings:

– The percentage of the population aged 14 or younger in Laredo, Texas, is three times higher than in San Francisco.

– The average price of a Halloween party ticket in Las Vegas is 5 times higher than in Anchorage, Alaska.

– Orlando, Fla., has 23 times as many bars per capita as Hialeah, Fla.

– Detroit’s violent-crime rate is 40 times higher than Irvine, Calif.’s.

– Orlando, Fla., has 24 times as many Halloween costume stores per capita as Washington, DC.

– Pittsburgh, PA has 35 times as many candy stores per capita as Winston-Salem, NC.

I’m actually a bit surprised at these results. I never thought New York City would top the rest of the country for “Safety and Surroundings” but apparently, this is the best place for Halloween this year. Come visit us!

Best Cities for Halloween

1 New York, NY
2 Jersey City, NJ
3 Newark, NJ
4 Gilbert, AZ
5 Laredo, TX
6 Irving, TX
7 Santa Ana, CA
8 Garland, TX
9 Chandler, AZ
10 Plano, TX

Worst Cities for Halloween

91 Houston, TX
92 Nashville, TN
93 Indianapolis, IN
94 Charlotte, NC
95 Baton Rouge, LA
96 Oakland, CA
97 Winston-Salem, NC
98 Detroit, MI
99 Memphis, TN
100 St. Petersburg, FL



Source: WalletHub
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