Bernie Sanders Surges In Favorability Poll

Is Bernie Sanders the Donald Trump of the Democrats? Just as Trump has surged in GOP polls for president, the Vermont senator has surged in favorability polls among adults on the Dems side since March.

According to a new Gallup poll, Bernie Sander’s favorability rating has risen from 12% to 24%. The more people are getting to know Bernie, the more they are liking him. Though in fairness, his unfavorability has also gone up: from 8% to 20%.

The senator is still lagging behind Hillary Clinton though, who has a 43% favorability rating. Hillary’s unfavorability rating rose to 46%.

Among all Democrats however, Hillary still has a big lead.

Bernie Sanders Surges In Favorability Poll

On the GOP side, though Trump is leading in some polls, his unfavorability rating among adult Republicans is 56%. He’s leading alright, but in all the wrong ways! LOL

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