Bernie Sanders Campaign Fires Data Director After DNC Database Breach

The Bernie Sanders campaign has launched a massive counter attack on the DNC after the DNC stopped the campaign from accessing all of DNC’s data.

The stop occurred after the DNC discovered that the Bernie Sanders campaign accessed voter lists created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Bernie Sanders campaign has fired four people, but have now accused of the DNC of “excessive punishment” over the breach. They say it was a minor infraction by “young people” who made “misjudgments.”



From Bloomberg:

According to an audit obtained by Bloomberg, Sanders staffers exploited a temporary glitch in the DNC’s voter database on Wednesday to save lists created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In response, Sanders’ team fired national data director Josh Uretsky while the DNC stopped the campaign from accessing all of the DNC’s data.

The database logs created by NGP VAN show that four accounts associated with the Sanders team took advantage of the Wednesday morning breach. Staffers conducted searches that would be especially advantageous to the campaign, including lists of its likeliest supporters in 10 early voting states, including Iowa and New Hampshire. Campaigns rent access to a master file of DNC voter information from the party, and update the files with their own data culled from field work and other investments.

After one Sanders account gained access to the Clinton data, the audits show, that user began sharing permissions with other Sanders users. The staffers who secured access to the Clinton data included Uretsky and his deputy, Russell Drapkin. The two other usernames that viewed Clinton information were “talani” and “csmith_bernie,” created by Uretsky’s account after the breach began.

The logs show that the Vermont senator’s team created at least 24 lists during the 40-minute breach, which started at 10:40 a.m., and saved those lists to their personal folders. The Sanders searches included New Hampshire lists related to likely voters, “HFA Turnout 60-100” and “HFA Support 50-100,” that were conducted and saved by Uretsky. Drapkin’s account searched for and saved lists including less likely Clinton voters, “HFA Support <30” in Iowa, and “HFA Turnout 30-70″‘ in New Hampshire.

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