Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombed People at the Golden Globes Too – PHOTO, GIF

Keeping up his Photobombing streak from last year’s Oscars, Benedict Cumberbatch saw an opportunity at last night’s (Jan. 11) Golden Globes and took it.

The opportunity in question? When Meryl Streep was posing with Margaret Cho, who happened to be dressed as a North Korean journalist.

You can check out a still shot of the Cumberbomb above and a GIF version (which is far far superior) below.

Fun fact: that guy taking a picture of the event is Best Actor (in a motion picture musical or comedy) winner Michael Keaton. What? You don’t recognize his earlobes?

Cumberbatch himself was up for Best Actor (in a motion picture drama) and arrived at the event with his fiance/soon-to-be wife who is currently carrying their Cumberbaby.

But honestly, this is way better than a win could ever be.

Benedict Cumberbatch Photobomb

Credit: Giphy

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