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Beloved Dog and Brave Owner Rescued From Frozen Pond (VIDEO)

How far would you go to save your pet? For one brave owner, a frozen lake was no dealbreaker. And yet, the brave choice to risk one’s life and limb to save a beloved dog can have possible consequences that might go unforeseen in the heat of the moment.

In this harrowing video, a dog named Lady is trapped in a frozen lake, prompting her owner to attempt a rescue. However, disaster strikes when the owner falls through too. A rescue team arrives on the scene to save the dog and her brave owner. It’s a powerful video that illustrates the love and devotion between a person and a dog. It also points out how crucial it is to leave rescuing to the professionals in certain situations. All in all, it’s just a relief to see both dog and owner are okay, since this could have gone SO much worse than it did. You can watch the full video below:

Beloved Dog and Brave Owner Rescued From Frozen Pond (VIDEO)

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