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Behold Your Puppy Moment of Zen – Too Cute! (VIDEO)

A pug puppy receives his first bath ever and it was literally sublime. The look on his face and the arch of the back says it all!

If you are familiar with yoga, this is the classic upward facing dog pose. It’s perfect.

Looks like this pug is going to have a lot of epic baths in the future.

I don’t blame this dog if its having such an out of body experience. The bath came with a soothing massage and the shampoo probably had soothing smells as well.

The pug was from Cascavel, Parana, Brazil.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

This dog could definitely end up in “The Dogs of 2016” compilation! I love dogs so much – they’re the best!

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