‘Beauty and the Beast’ Season 3 Spoilers: Six Episode Titles Revealed

Okay, so maybe “spoilers” is a bit of an excessive title, but the fact of the matter is that six episode titles have now been revealed for Beauty and the Beast Season 3, and they suggest a lot of what we might be able to expect, going forward.

The episode titles are: Beast of Wallstreet; Primal Fear; Bob & Carol, Vin & Cat; Heart of the Matter; Most Dangerous; and Sins of the Fathers.

From what we can extrapolate, “Bob & Carol, Vin & Cat” is likely to center on — well, obviously — Bob and Carol, the characters to be played by Alan Van Sprang and Natasha Henstridge, a couple described as “mirror images of VinCat.” As for “Heart of the Matter,” it wouldn’t surprise me if the episode had something to do with seeking a cure for beastliness, considering Gabe initially viewed Vincent’s heart as the key to curing his own beastliness. Of course, that’s just a random guess. For all we know, it could simply be an episode about Vincent and Catherine’s relationship. “Primal Fear” and “Most Dangerous” aren’t really specific enough to speculate about, while the “Beast of Wallstreet” is specific in a way that tells us nothing. Is Vincent going to be slicked back and suited up like Leonardo DiCaprio? Or is it just a pun about how Vincent will prowl the streets of New York? Either way, I can’t wait.

We’re not 100% certain which order these episodes will air, although we do know that the penultimate episode of Season 3 will be titled, “Sins of the Fathers”. With “Fathers” being pluralized, that means we could be in for more than just the possible return of Agent Reynolds! And with that episode being the twelfth of the season, and the last before the season finale, it could be a potentially huge one for the series. Maybe Reynolds is released from the slammer? But if so, that’s only one father, so who would be the second? Could Cat be pregnant (making Vincent the second father of the scenario?). Or is it someone we haven’t met? Could it just be a pun of some kind? I feel like I’m simultaneously looking too much into this, and not looking into it enough. So help me out here, Beasties.

As for the pesky issue of the Season 3 return date, there’s still no word from The CW, as the network hasn’t even given the people behind-the-scenes a ballpark estimate of when the show will come back. Director Stuart Gilliard took to Twitter this past week to emphasize that even he doesn’t know the premiere date yet:

With any luck, we’ll see the show sooner rather than later. Personally, I’m hoping for a summer return date, just to give the series an extra shot at getting solid ratings, since competition is leaner in the summer months. But with Hart of Dixie ending in a few weeks, there will be at least one opening in the schedule at midseason. Hell, there will be more if the latest midseason offerings, like iZombie and The Messengers, are complete non-starters. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. Until then, get to speculating about Season 3 in the comments! And keep on roaring, Beasties!

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3

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