‘Beauty and the Beast’ Season Finale Preview: Vincent is a Marked Man in ‘Destined’ (VIDEO)

For American audiences, the season finale of Beauty and the Beast airs on September 10, as the original airdate was pushed back one week by The CW, for reasons that still aren’t entirely clear. But either way, we now have a week to fret about how Vincent and Cat are possibly going to overcome the biggest threat they’ve ever faced. Not only is Liam on the loose, and killing innocent people, he’s managed to point law enforcement directly at Vincent!

In this preview of the season finale, we see how “Destined” turns Vincent from a badass vigilante into a marked man. On the one hand, I don’t buy for a second that Vincent is in any danger of dying whatsoever. On the other hand, I’m not entirely convinced he’ll be able to stop Liam either, with or without Cat. I’m predicting the fight against Liam will carry over into Season 4. At least, that’s my hope, since Liam has been one hell of a villain so far. But enough about my predictions. Check out the preview for “Destined” below:

'Beauty and the Beast' Season Finale Preview Vincent is a Marked Man in 'Destined' (VIDEO)

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