‘Beauty and the Beast’ Season 4 Renewal Rumors Circulate Following Mystery Tweets

UPDATE: A contact at TVbytheNumbers reached out to The CW for confirmation. Paul Hewitt, the CW’s Senior Vice President of Network Communications, “Yep, more nonsense. No decision or order has been made as of yet for another season of Beauty.” Sorry guys.

Original report follows below:

Hey Beasties! So it looks like we may/may not have cause for celebration. A lot of rumors have circulated about Beauty and the Beast possibly being renewed for a fourth season. But are the rumors true?

Earlier this month, The CW renewed a sizable portion of its primetime lineup, but Beauty and the Beast was not one of those shows. Although it secured a well-deserved, surprise renewal last summer, Season 3 has yet to premiere, and no immediate premiere date has been revealed beyond a vague plan for late spring/early summer. So it’s a bit strange, then, that rumors are coming in that the show has been renewed for a fourth season, since we’ve yet to see a single clip from the third season.

The rumors all started after the show’s costume designer, Catherine Ashton, confirmed a tweet/report by Playback Online about the show’s renewal, claiming that the show will be back for a 13-episode fourth season.

However, this is all news to its actors. Austin Basis, the all-around swell guy who plays JT, responded to the news with puzzlement:

On the one hand, I’m feeling optimistic, since the rumors at least suggest there are serious talks about possibly bringing the show back as a summer exclusive. While viewership was down overall for the Season 2 finale, it’s not as if The CW actually has much else to air in the summers. Also, the show is lucrative for its international audience, since the show is a stronger ratings performer overseas. The combination of international licensing and the possibility of a lucrative syndication deal now that the show is halfway to 100 episodes suggests that there’s potential value in keeping the show around. This is without even getting into how Beauty and the Beast earned The CW two Peoples’ Choice Awards this past year, bringing more attention to the network and its programming. Maybe it’s not the same amount of attention earned by Gina Rodriguez, who earned The CW its first Golden Globe for Jane the Virgin, it’s still nothing to scoff at.

Personally, I don’t buy that the network has renewed the show and is just waiting to announce it, since it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me that The CW would renew the show without first seeing how the new season does. On the other hand, they renewed Reign, which was doing some network-low ratings this season. And, as a period show, Reign is presumably far more expensive to produce than something like Beauty and the Beast. So I don’t see why they’d bring back the more expensive low-rated show than the less-expensive low-rated show, since the threshold for success is lower on the latter than on the former. In essence, it would be easier for Beauty and the Beast to break even than for Reign. Of course, this isn’t an either/or prospect. I love Beauty and the Beast and I love Reign, and there’s room for both on the schedule. With any luck, The CW will make room for the both of them. If nothing else, Beauty and the Beast has a fanbase that has shown its willingness to follow the show to wherever The CW will move it. Rumors of a renewal at least suggest that the possibility of bringing it back is being discussed, and that’s incredibly encouraging, in my opinion.

'Beauty and the Beast' Season 4 Renewal Rumors Circulate After Mystery Tweets

Credit: The CW

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