‘Beauty and the Beast’ Season 3 Promo Is Finally Here (VIDEO)

DUDE. The promo for Beauty and the Beast Season 3 is FINALLY here! Yes, our unbearably long wait for new episodes is near its end, as Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, May 21.

In this first look promo, it appears Vincent (Jay Ryan) is planning on popping the big question to Catherine (Kristin Kreuk).
“I am going to ask Catherine to marry me,” Vincent tells JT (Austin Basis), which is all well and good, but because this is Beauty and the Beast, we know nothing could possibly be that easy. “It’s almost too good to be true,” Catherine says, and as this promo shows, she just might be right.

Of course, the promo also has a lot of other things for Beasties to get psyched over, whether it’s VinCat enjoying life under the same roof (at LAST!) or JT dropping one liners about “the primal brain”. Hell, we even get to see Vincent beast out in what looks to be more detailed makeup than last season. I mean, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but it still looks cool as hell. Check out the full promo video below, and start getting hyped for Season 3! (And also for Season 4, but really, one thing at a time, I guess)

Let me know what you think of the promo in the comments, and if you want to read more BATB stuff, check out my article on Six Reasons Beauty and the Beast Was Renewed for Season 4.

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'Beauty and the Beast' Season 3 Promo Is Finally Here (VIDEO)

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