‘Beauty and the Beast’ Season 3 Finale Pushed Back

So…yeah, not sure what to make of this.

The CW has decided to push back the Beauty and the Beast Season 3 finale. Titled “Til Death Do Us Part”, the episode was originally scheduled to air on September 3rd. However, a rerun of last week’s “Patient X” will air in the time slot instead. The CW confirmed the change in a memo (which you can check out below via SpoilerTV), but the memo itself did not offer any explanation as to why the change is happening. More frustrating still, the memo doesn’t say when, exactly, the season finale is going to air. Nor is there any indication of whether or not this change applies to Showcase, the network that airs the show in Canada. Canada gets new Beauty and the Beast episodes earlier than the U.S., so if this change doesn’t apply to Canada, the finale could very well end up online far ahead of the U.S. schedule, which could potentially hurt finale ratings. Basically, this is all a very befuddling situation.

'Beauty and the Beast' Season 3 Finale Pushed Back

I can understand if the finale needs more time in the editing room to be finished. I could also understand the move if something big is airing on September 3rd, and The CW wants to hold off on airing the finale in order to prevent it from getting hurt in the ratings. But if that were the case, you’d think their memo would announce that the finale was only being held off a week. The lack of any definite finale airdate is annoying at best, and troublesome at worse. Granted, I don’t think the show is in danger of being retroactively canceled or anything, considering its season four renewal is already locked in. Hell, the season is filming as we speak. But it’s always annoying when a network starts messing with a show’s schedule for no apparent reason. Here’s hoping Beauty and the Beast is put back on track to finish its third season strong.

'Beauty and the Beast' Season 3 Finale Pushed Back

Credit: The CW

What do you think of the Beauty and the Beast Season 3 finale getting pushed back? Why is this happening? Sound off in the comments!

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