‘Beauty and the Beast’ Canceled By The CW

Well, the ax has finally fallen, Beasties. This is a sad day, indeed.

Beauty and the Beast has been canceled by The CW, with the network officially announcing that the series will end after Season 4. No premiere date for the final season has been set just yet, but it’s expected to premiere either midseason or summer 2016, just like this past season. Thirteen episodes have been commissioned for the final season, and filming is expected to wrap this month, although it’s unknown if the cast and crew were given enough warning about the show’s cancellation to craft the season finale into a series finale.

The stars of the show have taken to Twitter to address the unfortunate news:

It goes without saying that it’s a shame to lose the show, particularly considering that, from an overarching narrative standpoint, Season 3 was arguably the show at its strongest. I felt the show found a great rhythm, and continued to make a case for why it was one of the best, most underrated genre shows on TV. Sure, there was a bit less romance than many fans would have preferred, but I still felt, at its basic level, that Beauty and the Beast was still fundamentally great each week.

Of course, Beasties can show their love for the series by voting for the show in the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series category at the People’s Choice Awards this year. I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Gotta stave off this sadness somehow.

'Beauty and the Beast' Canceled By The CW

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