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Beautiful Contestant Cracks Under Pressure In ‘The Bachelor’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

A contestant losing her cool isn’t exactly anything new to The Bachelor. Hell, this isn’t even new to The Bachelor on Night 1. But one contestant, in particular, appears to have struggled a bit with the pressures of Night 1, and her name is Jasmine G.

In this sneak peek from next Monday’s season premiere of The Bachelor 2017, Nick Viall is in a conversation with another one of the contestants, when Jasmine comes up to the couple and asks for a few moments of Nick’s time. Nick responds by asking for a few more minutes with the woman he was already speaking to, since she had asked for alone time first. Jasmine relents, but takes the rejection badly. Despite being annoyed to be among the few women not to have had alone time with Nick up to that point, Jasmine admits that she normally isn’t like this. It leads to her breaking down in tears as fellow contestant Taylor observes that Jasmine is simply cracking under the pressure of being on The Bachelor. Then again, it wouldn’t be The Bachelor without a Hot Mess Express on Night 1. Watch the preview video below:

Beautiful Contestant Cracks Under Pressure In 'The Bachelor' Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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