‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer Gets Retro Remake with Christopher Reeve, Adam West

We’re mere days removed from the premiere of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, and the response has been overwhelming. Of course, it likely would have been a bigger event if it hadn’t debuted the same week as the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer, but that’s neither here nor there. The reveal of the Batman v Superman trailer has been huge, and it’s led to some amusing pop culture reactions.

Take, for example, this retro remake of the trailer, utilizing footage starring two of the most iconic actors to ever play Superman and Batman: Christopher Reeve and Adam West. It seamlessly stitches together footage from Reeve’s tenure as the Man of Steel, and West’s time as The Dark Knight himself, creating a real sense of tension. Hell, I would have loved to see West offer a more serious take on Batman. If nothing else, his Bruce Wayne was seriously underrated. Check out the trailer below:

'Batman v Superman' Trailer Gets Retro Remake with Christopher Reeve, Adam West

Considering the campy nature of West’s Batman, there’s no reason this should work as well as it does. And yet, it’s pretty much fantastic, as YouTuber Bobby Burns stitches together a trailer for a movie that, in this iteration, I’d totally see on opening day. I maintain, as would a whole hell of a lot of other people, probably, that Reeve was the best Superman. Part of me wishes he could have had the chance to be Superman in a movie industry that seems to have more respect and reverence for comic book material. I mean, hey, it would have prevented the wretched Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Then again, no Superman I or II, nor the Richard Donner Cut of the latter. So I suppose, as with any actor’s run as a superhero, it’s a mixture of good and bad. More bad, in West’s case, although 60s Batman has long been a guilty pleasure of mine (thank you, ME TV weekend programming).

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