Barry Manilow And Garry Kief Had Commitment Ceremony Not A Wedding – Report

Barry Manilow is not yet officially married to manager Garry Kief, but he soon will be this year. As we reported earlier, Manilow “married” Kief last year, but the NY Daily News reports, that was only a “commitment ceremony.” The real wedding complete with marriage license and official papers will come later this year.

The News says that Barry still has some health issues he is working on, plus a tour, which will end in Brooklyn on June 17, his 72nd birthday. The wedding should occur after that.

Apparently, Barry Manilow and Garry Kief have been romantically involved for 30 years! I cannot believe they’ve kept that under wraps for so long. What could have been right? Manilow could have been a shining beacon of light for gay men everywhere.

He could have been a model of courage instead of a closeted gay man afraid to come out because of fear that he will lose his fans and fortune for being who he truly is. Sad.

Also, Kief seems to be “taking the fall” for this secret. The source tells the News that it was he who wanted to keep the relationship under wraps because his family didn’t approve. Barry wanted to come out for a long time now. Orly?

Barry Manilow And Garry Kief Had A Commitment Ceremony, Not A Wedding - Report

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