Barack Obama Roasts Hillary Clinton: Best Jokes at Gridiron Club Dinner

President Barack Obama was comedian-in-chief again this weekend at the annual Gridiron Club dinner in Washington. He took jabs at the Republicans and of course, Hillary Clinton, with her current e-mail scandal.

Also making speeches during the dinner were Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D).

Gridiron Club dinner: Best Jokes

“If I did not love America, I wouldn’t have moved here from Kenya.” – Obama, on Rudy Giuliani’s claim that he doesn’t “love America”

“That’s gravity for you, or as Scott Walker calls it, ‘the theory of gravity.'” –McAuliffe on his own recent fall from a horse, referencing Walker’s refusal to say if he believed in evolution

“Just a few years ago… I was the young tech-savvy candidate of the future. Now I’m yesterday’s news, and Hillary’s got a server in her house. I didn’t even know you could have one of those. I am so far behind.” – Obama on the Hillary Clinton email controversy

“Bill O’Reilly tried to be here, but he was pinned down by enemy fire.” – McAuliffe, adding that O’Reilly’s ride to the event was supposed to be Brian Williams


Barack Obama Roasts Hillary Clinton- Best Jokes at Gridiron Club dinner

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