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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney Are Dating

Two stars who failed to find love on Bachelor In Paradise last year have now found love with each other: JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney are dating!

If you remember, JJ was on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette, and fancied himself one of the “villains” of The Bachelor franchise (“Villains gonna vil!”). But, honestly, he never came across as anywhere near as bad a guy as he tried to appear. Seriously, JJ seemed like a pretty stand-up guy last year, and he always seemed to have a genuine affection for Juelia. Meanwhile, Juelia originally competed on The Bachelor for the affection of Chris Soules, although she was far more memorable as the woman scorned on Bachelor In Paradise. She was deceived by Joe Bailey, who eventually dumped her for Samantha Steffen in one of the bigger stories of that season. Her heartbreak was basically all anyone talked about for half the time in Paradise, not that I necessarily blame them. Joe was the WORST.

'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney Are Dating

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But back to JJ and Juelia. Apparently, their relationship didn’t begin until well after they returned from Mexico, as this friendship flowered into something more over time. Naturally, they already have a lot in common, considering they’re both single parents to little girls.

“What started as a tremendous friendship has grown organically and both of us are very happy and excited,” JJ told PEOPLE in a statement.

They walked down the aisle together at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding, with JJ sharing a photo of the moment on social media, wishing Juelia a happy birthday and noting there’s “nobody I would rather walk down the aisle with.”

Happy birthday, @jueliakinney! Nobody I would rather walk down the aisle with.

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Congratulations to JJ and Juelia! They come across as a genuinely happy couple, and I hope they manage to last, because they’re two people I was really rooting for on BIP Season 2. Wishing them all the best.

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