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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Daniel Maguire Wants To Be The Bachelor 2017

Daniel Maguire is the maple syrup-drinking, Canadian bacon-eating dude from the Great White North who’s been responsible for some of the more ridiculous moments across both Bachelor In Paradise and The Bachelorette this year. So it’s only natural that Daniel would try and parlay that into a gig as The Bachelor 2017.

During a press call on Thursday, Daniel stated that he should be The Bachelor because he keeps it real — or, at the very least, he keeps it realer than the other guys allegedly in the running.

“I’m the most realistic, regular guy out there,” Daniel said. “Most of the Bachelors – to be honest … they’re so fake, I’ve never met one of these types of guys in my entire life. Most guys, they talk like how I would … That’s why so many regular guys watch the show and love me.”

Daniel would go on to explain why it’s important to be realistic on a show like The Bachelor:

“If you’re going to watch The Bachelor, you want a real dude,” the Canadian contestant added. “I mean, something that’s more realistic than ‘Oh, I love you so much’ right off the bat, and ‘Oh, she’s so beautiful’ – like come on, let’s get real. People want real, people want entertaining, people want me. … So I think I’d made a great Bachelor and I think I’m a great catch as well!”

'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Daniel Maguire Wants To Be The Bachelor 2017

Source: YouTube

Of course, Daniel has opinions on who the next Bachelor should be…and who it shouldn’t be. Namely, Daniel calls out Luke Pell, the current frontrunner for The Bachelor, for being too boring for the role:

“Luke – yeah, he’s a great guy and everything, but you might as well put it on mute because that’s how boring he is,” he said. “I’d rather have Chad be the Bachelor because at least it’ll be entertaining and real. He’s not going to fall in love with every single girl right off the bat … at least he can have fun with it.”

While Daniel isn’t exactly wrong about Luke being less than exciting, I’m not entirely sure excitement is a prerequisite for being The Bachelor. We’ve had plenty of boring guys take on the role, and end up giving us great seasons. And some interesting, supposedly exciting guys who gave us crap seasons. So there isn’t really a set formula to what makes a great season. If anything, the women they cast are arguably more important than The Bachelor himself, in terms of making a drama-filled season (and the same is true of the suitors on The Bachelorette, for the most part). While Daniel would certainly make an interesting Bachelor, I’m not sure how much of the Bachelor Nation will want to get on-board with him, considering the derogatory remarks he made about the women in Paradise this season. However, recent episodes have rehabbed his image a bit. And if you read the rest of Daniel’s interview, he does a little damage control, explaining that he was simply joking when he called the women in Paradise “washed-up street dogs”. Granted, his explanation doesn’t really absolve him of coming across arrogantly, but points for trying, I guess. Hey, if nothing else, the guy seems comfortable with who he is, and proud of his Canadian heritage:

But what do you think of Daniel possibly being The Bachelor? Sound off in the comments!

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