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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Amanda Stanton Strikes Back At Ex In Blog Post

Bachelor In Paradise star Amanda Stanton was recently called out by her ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio, for a variety of issues regarding the upbringing of their daughters, four-year-old Kinsley and two-year-old Charlie. But Amanda is striking back at Buonfiglio through her blog, unleashing her fury in a candid post.

The post on Amanda’s personal blog centers largely on the struggles of single motherhood. However, she also points out the hypocrisy of Buonfiglio claiming she’s unfit to be a mother, when he spent far more time with friends and women from Tinder than he did with his own children. Of course, while that really isn’t too different from going on The Bachelor to find love, Amanda takes a jab by noting that she actually has found love, in defiance of Buonfiglio’s taunts that no one would ever want a 25-year-old divorced mother of two.

“I became a single mother when Kinsley was barely two and Charlie was a newborn. My parents moved halfway across the country to St Louis 6 months prior, I was trying to lose the 40 pounds I gained during pregnancy, still breastfeeding and throwing a pity party for myself while living in a family friends house in Malibu. Meanwhile, their father was dating multiple girls he was meeting on Tinder, became a regular at the local bars and was going on trips to Vegas with his friends every other weekend. I remember thinking it was so unfair that he could just break up our family and then go back to living his life the way he did pre-children while my world completely revolved around them. Finding someone new was the last thing on my mind. 2 months after we moved out, I still hadn’t filed for divorce yet because it was too much of a mission to go to the courthouse with the babies. I had my hands FULL (& that’s an understatement). I actually remember getting a text from my (probably drunk) ex that read: “you can’t divorce me… you’ll be 25 & divorced with two kids…no one will ever want you!” (HA! How do you feel about that now, buddy?! ? side note: you’re never stuck!)”

'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Amanda Stanton Strikes Back At Allegations By Ex


Amanda also defends her decision to go on Bachelor In Paradise, noting that her connection with Josh Murray, the man to whom she became engaged in the Bachelor In Paradise season finale, is precisely the kind of relationship she’s been looking for all these years. In essence, it’s the relationship Buonfiglio couldn’t (or wouldn’t) give her.

“Going on the show, I was hoping (but not expecting) to find someone, not to complete me, but to add more love and happiness to mine and the girls lives. I found that with Josh! I feel like the absolute luckiest girl in the world to have met someone like him (even in the craziest of ways). He truly loves Kinsley and Charlie like they’re his own and they adore him right back. He is hands down the most loving, patient and understanding person I have ever met. He reminds me everyday of what’s really important in life and keeps me in check when I start to forget. He is a better person than me, that’s for sure. I’m not sure what I did to deserve someone like him. He is our angel! I didn’t think men like Josh even existed, but I’m telling you first hand that they do! Never settle and be patient because your “Josh” is out there somewhere!? We are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives as a family but the memories I have of just the three of us girls are memories I will love and cherish forever and ever! Embrace it!?”

You can read the full thing by clicking the link up top. It’s a pretty interesting look into the mindset of a single mother simply trying to keep her head above water. Her insight into the relationship she now has with her daughters is touching. I’ll admit I haven’t always been that big on Amanda from her time on Paradise, but I find this to be a pretty uplifting post. Sure, not everyone needs to go on a reality show to make ends meet, but some people just choose a different path in life. I can’t really judge Amanda, because I don’t really know what her life is like outside the context of a Bachelor franchise show. What I do know is that there are likely to be readers who find encouragement and inspiration in Amanda’s post, regardless of whether or not there’s a direct correlation between her situation and theirs. And for that, my respect for Amanda has grown.

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