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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Amanda Stanton Loses Child Support Battle

Amanda Stanton found love on Bachelor In Paradise over the summer, becoming engaged to Josh Murray, a former winner of The Bachelorette. As a result, her income has increased exponentially thanks to myriad endorsement deals. This is probably what contributed to her defeat in a court of law, as Amanda failed to win her child support battle with her ex-husband.

Amanda’s ex, Nick Buonfiglio, had been paying her $2000 a month in child support for their two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie. However, a judge has slashed that number to $530, after it was revealed that Amanda now makes between $25,000 and $30,000 per month (or roughly $5,000 for each sponsored social media post). Nick argued that it wasn’t exactly fair for him to be paying more in child support when her income was factored in, to say nothing of the fact that, due to her time on The Bachelor franchise shows, he’s had the girls more than she has, as of late.

'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Amanda Stanton Loses Child Support Battle

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Of course, I don’t really see how this would be a negative for Amanda, since she makes more than enough money now to provide for her girls, to the extent that she shouldn’t even really need Nick’s money. Granted, it’s a matter of principle that a father should contribute to his children’s upbringing, but there should be some semblance of fairness and balance to the amount. It made sense back when Amanda was making $100, as Nick initially claimed after they split in June 2015. But not so much now, especially with the similarly wealthy Josh Murray, who’s also making bank on social media endorsements.

Ultimately, it all boils down to whatever is best for the girls. Hopefully, Amanda and Nick can remain civil towards one another, and foster respect for the other parent among their children.

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