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Bachelor In Paradise – Live Blog and Recap – Episode 8 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for Bachelor In Paradise Episode 8!

Paradise is winding down, as the longest-lasting of the relationships are now being tested. Hell, the more recent couples are being put to the test as well, since new men are showing up in Paradise, and they’re putting all the current men on notice. Who could end up losing his relationship? What new connections will be formed? Also, have we seen the last of the Joe/Samantha drama, or the Jared/Ashley I. meltdown? A lot of questions, and we’ve got a whole hour to answer them!

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating at each commercial break with recap, analysis and more. Let’s get this show on the road!

Bachelor In Paradise - Live Blog and Recap - Episode 8 (VIDEO)

Joe is not amused. (Credit: ABC)


After a synchronized swimming lesson with Tenley that involves black censor boxes covering up their lady parts, Carly gives a recap of everything happening at Paradise. Jared has dumped Ashley I., Samantha has ditched Joe, and we’re left with only a handful of relatively stable couples, Dan and Amber, Nick and Ashley S., Carly and Kirk, Jade and Tanner, and Joshua and Tenley.

Ashley I. commiserates with Joe over their shared misery at getting dumped, and while they both seem chill at first, Ashley ends up breaking down. Joe isn’t the least bit sympathetic, telling Ashley that isn’t a particularly emotional guy. This causes Ashley I. to deteriorate into tears during her confessional, talking about how she had hoped she and Joe would be able to “commiserate in [their] misery.” But nope. Ashley I. tearfully complains to the other women about how she can’t even be mad at Jared for what he’s done, since it’s really all her fault. She then goes over-the-top by declaring that Jared has ruined her. Um…sure?

A date card arrives for Mikey, and he immediately asks Juelia while everyone gushes about how cute they are in confessionals, and how happy they are to see Juelia with a nice guy. The way they’re gushing reminds me of high schoolers who set up a cute friend, and then spend the rest of the school year congratulating themselves for it, even though it’s not a particularly great match. Anyway, Tenley worries that this might be an overnight date, and she’s uncertain that Juelia is ready for that just yet. I suppose we’ll see what awaits them in Guadalajara.


Juelia calls her daughter, and it’s an adorable little scene. She feels she and Ireland’s life will improve tenfold if they both find love on their date today. She once again calls him her “Knight in Shining Armor”, although I’m still not feeling this connection at all. It just seems so forced. That said, Ashley I. and Samantha (surprisingly) are stoked for Juelia to be with somebody like Mike. Ashley I., in particular, says, “If Juelia can’t find love, we’re all screwed.”

Juelia is overjoyed to find that she and Mikey are getting to fly to Guadalajara in a private airplane, since “The two people who were sent home are now going on the best date.” In trying to get this connection off the ground, Juelia sits in Mike’s lap and they make out, as Mike finally gets the kiss he was denied two weeks ago. I’m actually a lot happier for Mikey in this than I am for Juelia, although I don’t disagree with her when she throws Joe under the bus, calling him a “boy” whereas Mikey is a man.

Back at Paradise, Joe is doing damage control, as Samantha is throwing him under the bus. Joe has a plan to expose that Samantha told him to do what he could to get a rose so she could meet him. In the creepiest line of the season, Joe says in his confessional that Samantha has two options: either get lovey-dovey with him so they can continue in their relationship and get married, or she can “crash and burn.” Yes, blackmail her into loving you, Joe. That will totally work. Joe confronts Samantha at the bar, calling her out about the text messages they exchanged, and how he’s become the bad guy when she’s actually the one who put this entire plan into motion. Samantha is sick of rehashing the same thing over and over again, and she explains that, contrary to what Joe thinks, she didn’t come here with a plan, she came here not knowing what to expect until she met someone. She even says that her feelings for Joe haven’t completely gone away. Well, that is until Joe basically calls her feelings “bulls***” and says she made him feel like an idiot. He storms away, and honestly, I’m not entirely sure what Joe was trying to accomplish here. It was clear Samantha wasn’t going to take him back. And if there had been any hope, he pretty much torpedoed that hope by being belligerent towards her. So I suppose the dude is reaping what he’s sown. But even the other people at Paradise are commenting on Samantha in their confessionals, noting how she’s piling lies on top of lies, and stabbing Joe in the back in the process. Can we just agree that Samantha and Joe are both awful?

Meanwhile, Kirk is happy for Mike and Juelia, but he’s disappointed he didn’t get to go out with Carly tonight. So he planned a one-on-one date just for the two of them, taking her down to the shore to go fishing. Carly is overjoyed about this, saying this is a date she’s wanted to have with Kirk for ages, and now it’s finally happening. For his part, Kirk admits that he had concerns about this relationship at first, but he has a really great thing with Carly, and he’s lucky to have found her. He also notes that he wants to give this “an honest shot”. Carly is a lot more over-the-moon about Kirk, saying that she’s falling in love with Kirk, and never expected to have found a potential husband on Day 1. These guys are adorable. So adorable, in fact, that I worry about them. I can’t imagine which of them would slip up, but I just have a strange anxiety about this relationship.


So Mikey and Juelia’s date involves front row seats at a lucha libre show, and it’s a great representation of the Mexican professional wrestling tradition. They seem like they absolutely love the show, even when the wrestlers spill out into the crowd and land on their laps. They even get to play in the ring after the show, in a cute moment that makes them seem like two big kids during recess. I think I can see the chemistry forming for these two, although it still feels a lot like “friendship chemistry” to me, rather than “romantic chemistry”. But Juelia seems all-in on Mikey, saying that she isn’t interested in dating anybody else, adding that Mikey is a good man, which is what she’s looking for. Mikey then presents her with the envelope that includes the Fantasy Suite keys. Mikey wants to be a gentleman, but it seems hard for him to cover up his enthusiasm at what the Fantasy Suite could possibly entail. Ultimately, Juelia agrees to the Fantasy Suite, and they both seem really excited at the possibilities for their relationship, with Juelia stating, “Who knows? We might end up together.” I mean, that’s sort of the goal here, no?

The next morning, Juelia films her confessional with obvious, over-the-top bedhead, to leave us a not-so-subtle implication about what happened the night before. But I’m happy for them, considering how ecstatic they seem just to be around each other. There’s also a fun moment where Juelia puts on a luchador mask, and then teases Mike. It’s cute stuff. Meanwhile, Joshua talks Joe into apologizing to Samantha for all the drama that’s happened between them. He talks it over a bit more with Ashley I., who’s more or less the only girl in Paradise who understands him (well, according to Ashley I., anyway). She suggests to take the “fresh start” idea seriously by reintroducing himself to Samantha, pretending like they haven’t even met before. Ashley I. thinks it’s an adorable idea, but Joe thinks it’s outrageously cheesy. However, he thinks it just might be cheesy enough to work, so he goes ahead with it…and yeah, it’s cringe city. He introduces himself, and she seems charmed at first, but she quickly blows him off when he tries to start a conversation with her (to be fair to Samantha, “Where are you from?” isn’t exactly the best conversation starter, considering she was just giving you a handy-J in the hot tub a few days ago. She probably feels insulted that he thinks he can just start over, like he didn’t just call her feelings for him “bulls***”).


So now Joe is melting down, losing his mind over Samantha refusing to talk to him, saying she’s being “childish”. Everyone else is making note of how ruffled Joe is over this, but his attitude actually takes a slight uptick once a good friend of Joe’s comes walking onto the beach. Justin (from Kaitlyn’s season) arrives in Paradise! Joe is overjoyed to see Justin, and Justin is just as thrilled to see Joe and other guys from his season. But he’s even more enticed to see Samantha, whom he considers “stunning”. He just can’t stop talking about how outrageously good-looking she is, or how badly he wants to ask her out. But here comes Joe, telling Justin he should ask out Tenley or Jade, rather than Samantha. He’s hoping Justin will see things from his perspective and choose someone else to take out on a date, since he’s still connected to Samantha. Joe is confident Justin will make the right decision, and he even seems unfazed when Justin takes Samantha aside to talk to her. He’s so delusional, he even believes Justin is likely just taking her aside to tell her what a great guy he is. Of course, Justin is actually trying to figure things out with Samantha, and maybe see if there’s a connection. He’s so overwhelmed by her beauty that he ends up asking her out right there on the spot. And she accepts! Everyone is noting the inevitability of the Justin/Samantha connection except for Joe. Hell, even Ashley I. is hip to what’s happening here, although she notes that if Samantha excepts Justin’s date, “Joe is gonna go straight Kentucky Crazy!”

When Justin returns to the bonfire with Samantha, he announces to everyone that he asked Samantha out, and she accepted. Joe immediately tells Justin “It’s okay,” but he also curses quietly to himself. Samantha notices how upset Joe is and takes him aside to talk. She explains how she wants a clean slate, but Joe has no idea what she means, since her actions aren’t matching up with her words. Joe insists they’re going to be together outside the show, which is…not helping his case. This is actually cringeworthy, as Samantha insists she wants a fresh start, but Joe feels that fresh start should be with him. However, she doesn’t feel that’s fair to Joe, since he’s such a great guy. “You say I’m a good guy, but I’m obviously good enough for you,” he says, turning this into a spiteful, heartbroken rant, as he admits that Samantha is out of his league, and that he was a fool for thinking he could ask out the prettiest girl in Paradise and expect her to fall in love with him. Samantha leaves, and now Joe is chastising her for not making a graceful exit or giving him a goodbye hug. In a confessional, he looks like he’s on the verge of breaking down, saying, “I’m ready to go home.”

To be continued! I mean, every episode is To Be Continued, but this one most of all, I guess.

Aaaaand that’s a wrap on tonight’s episode! What did you think of tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise? Sound off in the comments!

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