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Bachelor In Paradise – Live Blog and Recap – Episode 7 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for Bachelor In Paradise Episode 7!

The men are still in charge this week, which means the women are on the chopping block!

But will Joe and Samantha remain in the hot seat? Will Ashley S. find new love? Will JJ and Joe come to blows?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating at each commercial break with recap, analysis and more. Let’s get this show on the road!

Bachelor In Paradise - Live Blog and Recap - Episode 7 (VIDEO)

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So Joe is still annoyed over getting called out about Samantha, while Juelia is an absolute wreck over the whole Joe situation, not because she wants him back or anything, but because she now realizes this is basically her last night in Paradise. She has to be consoled by JJ, while she notes in a confessional that she’ll make a great wife for someone someday. I don’t doubt it, although I really hope she learns from this experience and doesn’t try Bachelor In Paradise again next year. Seriously, I don’t know what anyone expects to find on this show. For his part, Joe thinks he’s found love, saying he’s Samantha’s guy, and she’s his girl (but first, he had to think about the phrasing really hard, in a funny brain fart moment).

Meanwhile, Kirk and the other guys talk about the possibilities of who’s going home tonight, since three women will be eliminated. Juelia states that this is likely the end for her because of the mistake she made in trusting Joe, whereas Jade openly tells Chris Harrison, in the pre-Rose Ceremony address, that the group feels divided. In a confessional, Dan feels the only real justice to come out of this Rose Ceremony would be for Joe to get up and leave. Joe decides to take the heat off Samantha, however, by announcing to everyone that he did, in fact, talk to Samantha on social media. Juelia asks Joe directly if he used her to stick around for Samantha, and Samantha tries to stick up for Joe, despite repeatedly being asked by Juelia (and by Clare) to let Joe speak. Samantha refuses to admit that she and Joe planned to hold out to meet each other at Paradise, and this infuriates Tanner, who says he saw the text message in which they made this plan to do whatever it takes to stay in Paradise until they meet each other. Offended at Samantha’s defense of Joe, Tanner and JJ bail on this roundtable conversation, while Ashley I. privately worries about the kind of Samantha we’re seeing here. Later, Tanner talks directly to Samantha, who continues to deny that she and Joe made any plans, prompting him to call her out as a liar. He then walks away while Jade tries to calm him down. Honestly, I’m kind of over this Joe/Samantha talk. Yes, Joe was a massive jerk, but within the confines of the rules of this show, he didn’t break any rules. He’s a crappy person for using Juelia like that, particularly since he went so far out of his way to convince her that his feelings were true. However, I really think it’s time for everyone to just let this go, because it’s cutting into everyone else’s ability to actually enjoy Paradise.


As if reading my mind, Ashley I. states she’s over all this Joe/Samantha drama herself. Now, she’s just focused on getting Jared to kiss her again before the rose ceremony. She and Jared hang out on their own, and Ashley I. actually calls Jared out on his lack of physical contact, saying, “How could you kiss me at the last cocktail party, and then not kiss me again?” She talks about her crush on Jared, and he decides to give her a kiss, although that really came across as a pity makeout, which is crazy because Ashley I. is GORGEOUS. I don’t think I’d ever tire of kissing her. However, Jared seems like he just isn’t feeling Ashley I., probably because she got far too attached, far too quickly.

Dan and Amber hang out and gush to one another about how great their date went, with Amber telling Dan she came here to meet him. Dan seems flattered and a little overwhelmed, but in a good way, leaving Amber feeling confident. Meanwhile, Tenley is “going to battle” for her friend Juelia. Apparently, everyone feels bad she got played by Joe, and they all want her to stay to maybe “have better luck next week.” So she’s going to make the pitch to JJ to keep Juelia around. JJ isn’t against the idea, since he does feel Juelia deserves a break, but he has a fairly good thing going with Megan. For her part, Juelia doesn’t want a “sympathy rose”. She plans on finding another way to stay in Paradise another week, so she seeks out Chris Harrison to explain her situation. Juelia explains that Mikey T. tried to warn her about Joe, and she didn’t listen, adding that Mikey himself also got played. She says she wishes she had given her rose to Mikey T., and asks if there’s any way for Chris to bring Mikey back so she can get a rose from him. And this is where I turn on Juelia. You made your choice with Joe, despite MULTIPLE people telling you what Joe was really like. You rolled the dice on Joe. You lost. Too bad. Joe was an ass, but he didn’t violate any rules.

So we head to the Rose Ceremony, with no indication of what’s going to happen regarding Juelia and Mikey.

Joshua gives his rose to Tenley
Jared gives his rose to Ashley I.
Kirk gives his rose to Carly
Tanner gives his rose to Jade

Throughout these roses, we get confessionals about how badly Juelia deserves to stay, yet I don’t see any of the girls handing over their roses so Juelia can stick around. I have sympathy for Juelia getting played, but Joe didn’t do anything to her that she didn’t allow through willful blindness. She was warned, she didn’t listen.

So JJ is up, and he picks…ASHLEY S.?!?!

Absolutely EVERYONE is confused by this. Ashley S. doesn’t even want to accept the rose, but JJ insists that she just say yes. In a confessional, he explains his choice, saying that he planned to give his rose to Juelia, but she told him not to give it to her. And he didn’t feel a connection with Megan, so he decided to save Ashley S., whom he feels deserves another chance at finding love. So Ashley S. accepts, as JJ explains to everyone that he broke up with someone back at home to be here. But this experience has made him realize that what he wanted was at home all along. So he’s giving away his rose because he’s leaving Paradise. He says his goodbyes, and talks about how he may not have found love on The Bachelorette or on Bachelor In Paradise, but he found himself.


So yeah…that just happened. And now we’re down to four girls, but only one rose, as Dan now has to choose between Clare, Juelia, Amber and Megan. If Dan gives up on the awesome Amber just to save Juelia, who made her own damn bed in this situation, I’m going to be really irked. As for JJ, I’m actually really proud of how he conducted himself here. He could have been a jerk in leaving, but he decided to save someone he felt deserved to stick around, rather than continuing the charade of searching for love. I don’t know if he’ll get his girl back at home, but I think giving up his spot in Paradise rather than leading someone on, like Joe has done, is the more mature decision.


Back to the Rose Ceremony…

Joe gives his rose to Samantha (as everyone gives them the stinkface). And now, Dan must make his final decision. As he thinks things over, the pressure gets to be too much for him. He asks Chris for a minute, and then asks to speak with Carly. In a confessional, Ashley S. trash talks Dan, saying Dan is “such an old man!” and adding “What is there to think about? Give the rose to Juelia!” You do realize you were madly in love with that “old man” until a few days ago, right? And, again, Juelia does not deserve that damn rose. The person who deserves the rose is whomever Dan likes and feels he has a connection with in Paradise. Juelia made her choice, and she chose wrong. It sucks, but it happens.

So Dan returns after talking things over with Carly, and ultimately comes to the conclusion that he’s giving his rose to Amber.

And with that…CLARE, MEGAN and JUELIA have been eliminated from BACHELOR IN PARADISE!

In the exit confessionals, Megan says she never felt anyone was ever there for her. Meanwhile, Clare says if they’d have just chosen her as The Bachelorette, she’d have found a husband by now. She then announces this is her retirement from Bachelor In Paradise. Last but not least, Juelia says her tearful goodbyes, and talks about how she came here for love, but got used. As she goes to get into the van and leave for good, the van opens to reveal a familiar face: MIKEY T. RETURNS TO PARADISE!

Juelia is overjoyed, as Mikey T. says that Chris Harrison offered him the chance to come back. He agreed to return, in order to see what they might have together. Juelia views Mikey T. as her “knight in shining armor,” and hugs him with a huge smile on her face, yet all I can think is that Juelia is now the one doing the deceiving, because I REALLY have a hard time believing she’s suddenly developed feelings for this guy. It just feels like she’s sticking around with the hope of meeting someone else. Hopefully, she’ll prove me wrong, but it’s hard to not feel cynical about this. Joe, who had been relieved at Juelia’s elimination, is now horrified to see her back, although he tries to pretend he’s happy about it in his confessional. When the producer notes that he doesn’t seem happy, he replies, “I never look happy.” Fair point.


The next day, a date card arrives for Tanner, and he naturally takes Jade. They travel to the village of Tequila, Mexico, where they’ll see tequila get made. Tanner even gets the chance to work with the plants responsible for making tequila himself. This is actually kind of a cute segment, and Jade ends up being really surprised/impressed by how Tanner just “goes for it”, hacking away at the plant like a lumberjack. Meanwhile, Samantha and Joe are gushing about each other back at Paradise, as Samantha declares Joe is the only person she wants to hang out with here.

Of course, right on cue, Nick (from Ashley’s season) arrives in Paradise! He states he’s really excited to meet Samantha since they’ve exchanged texts and even met before coming out to Paradise. OH CRAP! It’s gonna be on now! Especially when Nick declares that he doesn’t mind having to step on toes to get what he wants. Looks like Joe is gonna get a taste of his own medicine. After all, it’s not like Samantha is officially his girlfriend or anything. If nothing else, this episode has illustrated that basically anything goes in Paradise.

So Nick has a date card, and he plans on asking Samantha, since she apparently told him prior to the show that she would accept a date from him. Nick asks Samantha out in front of everyone, and she talks about how flattered she is. He then asks if she’d like to chat a bit, so they retire to the beach to talk this over, while everyone takes turns (in confessionals) luxuriating in the irony of the situation.

Of course, everyone’s bubble gets burst once she announces that she turned down Nick’s date offer. This shocks Nick, since — once again — Samantha had previously promised to go on a date with him once he got to Paradise. Nick explains the situation to Mikey, who’s shocked to learn Samantha has been talking to BOTH Joe and Nick. Mikey fills Nick in on all the horrible things Joe and Samantha have been up to, with the theory being that Samantha is staying with Joe out of guilt. Nick now has to rethink his entire approach to Paradise. Ultimately, he asks Ashley S. to come on a date with him, deciding that he just wants to be with someone who’s fun. Ashley S. gladly accepts, although when they get to the port for their date, they learn it’s closed. They don’t understand a lick of Spanish, despite the fact that the man is mostly speaking English. Sure, it’s broken English, but it’s English nonetheless. Except for the last sentence. Anyway, Nick and Ashley S. have to pull out their own little canoe and set themselves adrift. Fun.


So Tanner and Jade get cozy underneath a blanket on the patio of their date location, and they discover a key with a little note. Turns out it’s our first Fantasy Suite of the season! Both Jade and Tanner are stoked to take their relationship to the next level and get to know each other better. Meanwhile, Nick and Ashley S. decide to take their date to the next level by getting totally slammered on tequila, only to learn that a tequila massage has been planned for them on their date. For his part, Nick really likes Ashley S., and thinks she’s absolutely gorgeous. However, he also thinks she’s kind of “out there”. Enter our latest bit of silliness this season, as Ashley S. starts talking to the birds in the trees (the birds are helpfully subtitled, because I guess we need a new animal to fill in for Clare’s Raccoon).

Naturally, being crazy doesn’t prevent Ashley S. from being attractive to Nick, particularly since he’s super drunk. So they basically spend the rest of the date making out. And then heading to the hot tub for more making out. And more tequila. Followed by more making out. Granted, there are a lot of awkward, drunken silences, but I suppose this date has gone pretty well for both of them so far, bird-talk notwithstanding.

As for our other couple, Tanner is excited about telling Jade how he feels, saying in a confessional that he wants Jade to be his girlfriend for the rest of Paradise, and even back in the real world too. He tells Jade about his concerns though, namely that he might fall so deep in love with her that it might end up hurting him if they can’t see this relationship through. Jade seems weirdly unresponsive, even as Tanner says, “I’m all in with you. I’m falling in love with you.” Finally, Jade relieves the tension by declaring she’s falling in love with him too. “I’m right there with you,” she tells him, and this is probably the sweetest moment we get all season, as Jade kisses Tanner in response to his statement that he wants to be able to call her his girlfriend.

The next morning, Nick and Ashley S. look like hell after basically drinking all the tequila in Paradise, whereas Joe is a lot better off, since today is his birthday! Not that anyone but Samantha is really planning on helping him celebrate it. Then again, Joe might even screw that up, by grilling Samantha over whether or not she wants to date someone else in Paradise. Joe apparently has confidence issues because he feels a girl like Samantha would never end up with a guy like him. He says that sort of thing just doesn’t happen, since she’s so far out of his league. This is kind of a surprising revelation, given that we haven’t had many hints of Joe’s insecurities before this. It gets bad enough that other people start to notice how hard Joe is grilling her about “seeming different” today. Dan even states that it seems like Joe is guilt-tripping Samantha into staying with him, and that certainly seems to be the case, as he later confronts Samantha about how hard she is to understand. Samantha seems uncertain whether or not Joe is actually a good person, and this leaves Joe even more troubled, as he ends up giving Samantha her space, only to go mope around Paradise and wonder about her intentions. Well, now you know how it feels like, Joe. And it doesn’t look like anyone feels particularly bad for him either, except for Joshua, who offers a hug, because sure, why not?


Tanner and Jade are back, and Tenley immediately notices a new pep in Jade’s step. Sure enough, Jade confirms that she and Tanner are officially a couple. This inspires Ashley I. to want that feeling for herself. Primarily with Jared. However, we then see Jared in the pool with Mikey T. and Joshua, both of whom ask just what the nature of his feelings are. Unfortunately, Jared says he just isn’t feeling it with Ashley I., further stating that he needs to break things off with her, because her feelings are deeper for him than his are for her, and that’s not fair to her. Mikey and Joshua, however, think it’s possible that Jared simply isn’t over Kaitlyn yet. Later that night, Jared takes Ashley I. aside and explains to her that he thinks it’s unfair to prevent her from experiencing Paradise, and exploring her connections with other people. Ashley I. just straight up rejects this notion, but Jared persists, saying that Ashley I. might be the sweetest girl here, and he doesn’t want her to miss out on a great guy because of him. Jared confirms Mikey and Joshua’s theory, telling Ashley I. that part of the reason he might not be into this, emotionally, is because he’s still not over Kaitlyn. This absolutely crushes Ashley I., who says she’s not going to be able to talk. She tells Jared to leave, but he doesn’t want to leave her alone like this. But she insists that he go, and as soon as he does, she completely breaks down in tears. In a tearful confessional, Ashley I. sobs through her words, saying she was just intimidated by Jared because he’s so perfect. “I’m going to be alone forever,” she declares, noting that none of the guys she likes have ever liked her back. “I’ve never been this upset in my entire life!”

And then, Ashley I. crosses a line by calling up Kaitlyn directly. “What the f*** did you do to Jared?!” Kaitlyn is mortified, from the sound of her “WHAT?!” response, at which point Ashley I. rambles about how Jared is obsessed with Kaitlyn and can’t stop talking about her. She even goes as far as to say how Jared is “consumed” by thoughts of Kaitlyn, when he’s literally spent almost zero time talking about Kaitlyn before tonight. Hell, the one time he DID talk about Kaitlyn was on the first date with Ashley I., and only then after she prodded him into opening up about it! But she completely makes Jared sound like a psychopath to Kaitlyn, which is kind of messed up. Kaitlyn asks if there’s anything she can do to help, but Ashley I. says it’s too late, that Kaitlyn has already ruined him. So yeah, Ashley I. is great for drama, but that poor girl is outside of her MIND.

And now, we get something even sadder, as Joe throws himself a one-man birthday party in a desperate attempt at fixing things with Samantha. He even has his own “Happy birthday Joe!” cake. Samantha arrives, and she seems instantly weirded out by all this. She tries to explain how she’s overcome with a flood of emotions right now, but she keeps getting distracted by the awkward cake and the bottle of champagne. Samantha states that she thinks Joe is a nice guy, but states he’s completely surrounded by drama. She came to this realization when Chris Harrison declared — before confirming Mikey T.’s return — that Juelia was deceived. Samantha states that there were a lot of red flags and drama, and she just can’t handle it. Joe is clearly hurt by this, and tries to defend himself by saying there hasn’t been any drama today. But Samantha has said all she came to say, noting that she wants to explore Paradise and not start off another relationship like this. She hopes Joe can understand, but he admits that he simply can’t.

Joe rants in a confessional about how Samantha isn’t the girl he thought he was falling for, and how she’s more concerned with her own image than the love that’s right in front of her. He trashes his birthday cake once Samantha leaves, although it’s hard to feel bad for him, even after he overhears Samantha trashing him to the group. Joe goes on the warpath, telling Joshua that he has over 700 text messages proving that Samantha told him to do whatever he could to stay in Paradise for her. He’s angry at getting played, and plans to blow up Samantha’s spot, refusing to let her get away with this.

Yeah, this is not going to end well for anybody.

Aaaaand that’s a wrap on tonight’s episode! What did you think of tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise? Sound off in the comments!

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