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Bachelor In Paradise – Live Blog and Recap – Episode 6 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for Bachelor In Paradise Episode 6!

The men are back in charge this week, which means new women are arriving, and new relationships are formulating! And in the midst of it all, hearts are getting broken left and right.

But how will Samantha defend herself against accusations that she and Joe have been planning to be together since prior to the filming of Bachelor Paradise? And will anyone else stand up to Joe on Juelia’s behalf?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating at each commercial break with recap, analysis and more. Let’s get this show on the road!

Bachelor In Paradise - Live Blog and Recap - Episode 6 (VIDEO)


So Juelia takes Samantha aside, and Jade joins her as well. Juelia starts to tell Samantha about everything Joe has done, going “from her to zero” with her. However, Samantha stops her and states that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about this unless Joe is present. She feels that having everyone in a group to discuss this will help keep things honest. It sounds like a good idea, in theory, and certainly the more mature route, except that Juelia just got done having a fairly painful discussion with Joe. So it’s clear that having Joe present again isn’t really going to change things. That she even wants Joe to be present at all tells us that Samantha’s mind is already made up. She even states that she’s still on cloud nine from her time with Joe. Jade is utterly puzzled as to why Samantha is taking Joe’s side in this, and Juelia finds the entire thing fishy. The previews for later in the episode suggest JJ is going to stand up to Joe, and dare him to do something about it, and I’ll bet you a Scrooge McDuck vault full of chocolate gold coins that this is our cliffhanger for the night. They’ll build it up the entire episode and then cut away right at the moment we’ve seen a thousand times. And, dammit, I’ll still come back next week, because this damn show has got its hooks in me.

We come back from break to see Samantha and Joe snogging on the couch, while Juelia breaks down in a confessional about how hard the past couple days have been. “I’m just so tired,” she declares. But while Joe is Public Enemy No. 1, Tanner knows the real story, saying Samantha is every bit as culpable in this as Joe. He tells Jared about the screengrab Joe sent him, in which Samantha told Joe to do everything in his power to stay in Paradise until she gets there. Tanner is livid that Joe just won’t admit his duplicity, and implies that it’s partially his own fault for not outing Joe at the start. However, he was every bit as snowed by Joe as Juelia was, believing that Joe really did develop feelings for Juelia. After all, as Tanner says, “She’s a great girl.”

So Jared and Tanner confront Joe in his bedroom to try and get him to admit to the group that he lied about knowing Samantha before the show, but Samantha is present in the room, and she does her best to usher the other guys out of the room, even while Jared seems legitimately hurt to be lied to by a friend. Joe defends himself by arguing semantics, saying Jared never asked him if he spoke to Samantha before the show, only if he’d met her before. But Jared calls B.S. on that entire line of defense. “Why would I ask if you met her?” he says. I’m sure someone can rewind the tapes to get to the truth of the matter. Still, it’s basically a case of minced words. In a confessional, Samantha insists that the extent of her pre-show relationship with Joe was a couple of messages on social media. That’s it. She insists she isn’t plotting with Joe, and never would. However, a camera catches her doing just that, as Samantha tells Joe what to say in his confessional, instructing him to tell the producers that the social media messages didn’t work out, and they just decided to wait until Paradise to see how it would work out. Samantha ends up catching the camera, and she quickly closes the door for some privacy, but it’s too late. Villains gonna vill.


Ashley S. is still despairing over Dan dumping her. And right on cue, in comes another woman who has her eyes set on Dan, as Amber (from Chris’s season) arrives in Paradise!

Ashley S. is thrilled to have Amber here, comparing her to a living baby doll. She’s one of Ashley’s closest friends from the show, so that makes it extremely awkward when Amber uses her date card to ask out Dan. Dan says he needs to talk to Amber first, and their conversation reveals that he still has a lot of consideration for Ashley’s feelings still. He explains the entire situation to Amber, from the feelings he felt for Ashley S., to the awkwardness of their split. Dan then takes Ashley S. aside to talk to her, although I don’t know what he exactly expects to accomplish here. Does he want Ashley to give her blessing? I like that Dan is sweet and considerate and all that, but Ashley S. is right to call him out on the inconsistency of his actions. He avoids her all day, then when a hot girl he wants to date — and who wants to date him — shows up, he suddenly takes her aside to ask her to absolve him from guilt. I dig Dan, but he really just wants Ashley S. to give him permission to date Amber without feeling any guilt. And Ashley S. isn’t going to do that, nor should she. “I don’t get how you could be a man to everyone else, but not be a man to me,” she says, and it’s a stinging indictment. “I think it says a lot about your character that you didn’t talk to me today until now.” Look, she’s probably crazy, and he’s probably one of the more stand-up guys in Paradise, but I’m Team Ashley on this one. Dan has handled this entire thing as best as he could, but it still was done pretty poorly.

While lounging around the bungalow, Jade makes an assessment of how the next rose ceremony is likely to play out, since three women will be going home this week. Jade and Tanner are spending practically every waking moment together as their feelings continue to grow, while Joshua and Tenley have a connection that is also growing, although it comes across as more of a physical connection, at the moment. Jade then suggests that JJ is likely to give his rose to Megan, since that’s who he’s out on a date with at the moment. We see the date, as JJ and Megan actually come across like a natural couple, just joking with each other as they go diving and water skiing (Megan: “This is the fastest I’ve ever been wet on a first date!”) and beginning the process of catching feelings. JJ says this is the first real connection he’s felt since being here, although he places significant weight on her physical assets over her personality. But he does seem to genuinely like her a lot. If nothing else, they’re having a lot of fun, even without having to do anything physical. That said, I’d expect moves to be made pretty soon. Megan is absolutely gorgeous, like a Southern Joanne Froggatt.

Ashley S., however, isn’t having fun at all. She sees Dan, all spiffy and ready to roll on his date with Amber, and this breaks her heart, sending her weeping into Juelia’s arms. (Juelia: “If it makes you feel better, Joe is making out with Samantha on the beach right now.”). Ashley S. states that Dan isn’t the man she thought he was, and adds that he hasn’t even been a good friend to her. She declares that she now knows who her true friends are, and this is quickly followed by a segment in which she goes to commune with the birds of Paradise, while everyone talks (in confessionals) about how crazy she is. The bird then poops in her hand, because of course it does.


We spend the first part of the Amber/Dan date hearing Amber gush about Dan, and how she’s had a crush on him since Desiree’s season, noting that she sent him home way too soon. She’s excited, and really just hoping that Dan kisses her. And, as they stroll through the streets of Puerto Vallarta to their dinner at a local landmark, the crowd on the street chants from them to kiss. And they oblige (Amber seems really eager to give the crowd what they want). When the crowd chants for them to kiss again, Dan is the one who’s eager to oblige. It’s actually really cute, although the fireworks seem like a bit much, although if they really did happen after the kiss, that’s some amazing timing.

While at dinner, Amber talks about seeing Dan step out of the limo for the first time during Desiree’s season and being smitten. The conversation then switches over to Ashley S., as Dan explains that he simply wanted to talk to Ashley before accepting the date because he wanted to avoid any divide between the two friends. In the middle of his sentence, Amber lays one on Dan, and it leads to a pretty hot make out session. Amber basically states that while she never set out to disrespect her friend, Ashley S. is pretty much the furthest thing from her mind right now. As they walk home, they end up in another incredibly intense make out session. Hot damn, get a room already! Like, holy s***, they’re just going at it right there in the streets, man. Dan admits that he ultimately failed in his mission not to make out with anybody tonight. And I can’t say I blame him. He admits that there may be a future here with Amber. If only we could all be so lucky.


Tanner tells JJ that Joe has been lying to everyone, stating he’s been talking to Samantha since before the show, and then denying it to everyone. Jared is still upset that Joe lied straight to his face, but JJ is even angrier, calling Joe “the vill of the vills”. He feels Joe should give his rose to a girl that deserves to be here, and then leave with Samantha. He states Juelia is a great girl, and Joe gamed her to stay on the show, which he takes personal offense over. So he calls Joe out on being here for one person and one person only. Joe is already sick to death of talking about this, and nearly storms off, until JJ asks him, point-blank, if he came here for anyone else other than Samantha. He admits he came here for Samantha, but states while he had a good date with Juelia, he simply had a better connection with Samantha. Tanner still feels Joe played Juelia and wasted her time by tricking her. As for Joe, he’s at his wits’ end, calling JJ the dumbest person he’s ever met, and then getting offended when Jared says Joe openly told people he didn’t speak to Samantha before the show.

This leads to a big blow-up in which Joe does that obnoxious mimicking thing that little kids do every time they lack an argument, making fun of the way JJ talks. JJ calls him out on it by saying his little brother pulls that kind of crap, prompting Joe to respond that his sister is smarter than JJ will ever be. Before long, Joe and JJ are in each other’s faces, with JJ trying to goad Joe into hitting him. Jared gets the line of the episode, saying that he never would have imagined he’d end up liking JJ more than Joe. “Joe Bailey: From America’s Sweetheart to America’s Most Wanted,” Jared says, although I can’t think of a time or occasion where Joe was ever America’s Sweetheart. As much as I love JJ here, he does seem to be super-reactionary, trying to get Joe to throw a punch, and then saying he’ll knock Joe’s teeth out in a confessional, as if fighting isn’t going to get them both kicked off the show. Still, it’s as cathartic now to see Joe get called on his B.S. as it was yesterday. And I don’t mind continuing to see him get called out. That dude is a scumbag.

We wrap up the episode with a preview for the rest of the season, and hot damn, this is WAY too much! Sure, parts of it remain just vague enough to avoid being total spoilers, since we sort of know what happens but not why. But seriously, if you have any interest in being surprised by anything that happens for the rest of this season, avoid that preview like the plague.

That’s a wrap on tonight’s episode! What did you think of tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise? Sound off in the comments!

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