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Bachelor In Paradise – Live Blog and Recap – Episode 11 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for Bachelor In Paradise Episode 11!

This is part one of the two-night season finale of Bachelor In Paradise, as EIGHT people will be leaving Paradise over the course of the next two days! This is the most drama-filled week yet, with Ashley I. taking Jared to the fantasy suite, Mikey T. and Juelia facing trouble in Paradise, and potentially the biggest breakup in Bachelor history! Is Ashley I. still a virgin? Will Samantha actually show any interest in Dan whatsoever? And which couples will breakup, and which will stay together?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating at each commercial break with recap, analysis and more. Let’s get this show on the road!

Bachelor In Paradise - Live Blog and Recap - Episode 11 (VIDEO)


Tanner notes that it’s the last week of Paradise, and states that it’s kind of pointless to even be here if you don’t have a relationship going on. Unfortunately, this means some of the single people are in “desperation mode”. I couldn’t disagree with Tanner more. If anything, if you’re in a relationship, you should just leave already. Test the relationship outside of the “summer fling” silliness of this environment, and leave Paradise to the singles. Really, though, I’m just kind of sick of the smugness that some of the couples have, where they’ve been with the other person for so long, and they’re so comfortable and certain in their relationship, that they sort of lord it over the other people and act like they’re above it all. But Paradise is ending anyway, so I guess everybody is going to be heading home soon enough.

Ashley I. has a date that’s so perfunctory that I don’t even know if it counts as a date. They just sit in a bamboo hut and drink champagne while we’re bombarded with confessionals from Ashley I. about why she’s still a virgin (she was just waiting for the right guy! That’s actually really cute), and why Jared is her dream man. Of course, we hear absolutely nothing from Jared, who may have the least confessionals of any major cast member on a Bachelor franchise in recent history, unless we count Joshua, who I don’t think has said a single word to the cameras since he got here. I get that they’re trying to keep Jared somewhat obtuse as a character, so that we can’t read where his relationship with Ashley I. is headed, but his characterization in the edit is just so frustratingly vague. I feel like I knew Jared way better in Kaitlyn’s season. Anyway, Ashley I. asks Jared if he’ll go to the Fantasy Suite with her, and he agrees.

The next morning, the editing gods have heard me, as Joshua has a confessional about how surprised he is to have made it this far. Meanwhile, bartender Jorge assures Juelia that Mikey T. loves her, and suddenly, Juelia is over-the-moon about her connection. She says Mikey is someone she trusts and adores. Unfortunately, we see Mikey having a conversation with Justin, in which he states that while Juelia is an amazing person, and he came back to give this a second chance, he feels she’s more of a friend. In a confessional, he states that having to end things with Juelia sucks, but he can’t be unfair to her. So he approaches her by the beach, and tells her what an amazing person she is, and how sweet she is. But he says Juelia is such an awesome person that he’s almost been forcing it at times.

“I can’t just sit here and be casual. I just can’t lead you on. I don’t have it in me,” Mikey says, as Juelia breaks down in tears. Even Mikey is fighting back tears, honestly. “You deserve the best,” he tells her. They then part, with Juelia running off to say goodbye to everyone and announce that she’s leaving. “I came here with an open mind and an open heart,” she says in a confessional, claiming that she’d never leave her daughter if she didn’t think something real could happen. She states that if there’s no chance of her finding love, “I have no reason to be here.” So she packs her things while everyone feels lousy for her in confessionals. Come on, Juelia is an absolutely darling girl, but she was never going to find a father for her daughter here.

JUELIA leaves Paradise!


Jaclyn is still agonizing over her who to take on her date. She wanders through Paradise, complete with a blurred butt (since I guess her crack is hanging out), while she disses all her potential options in a confessional (saying Mikey is “dumb as rocks,” and Dan has no personality). So Jaclyn asks Justin out, and he accepts. She’s optimistic, since Justin lives by her, and she’s looking for a real relationship out of this. Of course, while gushing about her date, she declares, “What could possibly go wrong?” And, right on cue…

Cassandra (from Juan Pablo’s season) arrives!

Hot damn, she’s absolutely stunning. I had completely forgotten about her. Was she the NFL cheerleader? My memory is super-lousy about Juan Pablo’s season, since I couldn’t stand the guy. But back to the guys, as Justin’s jaw hits the floor when Cassandra arrives. She’s like a much hotter, far more normal version of Samantha. Naturally, Cassandra is into Justin too after talking it over with the girls, so now Justin has to break things off with Jaclyn after telling Cassandra that, if given the option, he’d rather go on a date with her. When Justin breaks the news, Jaclyn plays it off like it’s no big deal, saying she’s not going to beg Justin. It’s kind of surprising how matter-of-fact Justin is about all of this, particularly since this is the second time in as many days that Jaclyn has been screwed over by another girl in Paradise, after the Ashley I. unpleasantness. Jaclyn is livid, since she feels she’s basically being punished for not getting knocked up at 19, since Justin and Cassandra are apparently connecting over both being young parents.

Jaclyn returns to the bar to tell the girls what just happened, and they all act like they’re sad to hear about her getting dumped, despite the fact that they were the ones who recommended Justin to Cassandra in the first place! This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about with some of the couples on this show. Because they’re safe in their relationships, they have nothing left to do but stir the pot. I swear, if Carly weren’t so damn cute and bubbly, some of this might actually bother me.


So Jared and Ashley I. return and talk about the fun they had on their date, and how amazing their room was in the fantasy suite. Jaclyn claims that Jared is impossible to read, while Ashley I. is all smiles, so either she’s still a virgin, or the sex they had wasn’t good. For her part, Carly thinks Ashley I. “is even more of a virgin” after last night.

Meanwhile, Nick is pretty thirsty for Samantha, keeping with the overall theme of people who are inexplicably desperate to be with her. He reckons that since Jaclyn clearly isn’t going to find anyone to take her out, he might be able to get her to give him her date card so he can ask out Samantha. Unfortunately, there’s just one problem: he eliminated her from The Bachelor Pad Season 3, and then kept the $250,000 grand prize rather than splitting it with Jaclyn’s best friend. So he’ll basically need to grovel and beg to get her to forgive that grudge. Sure enough, he pleads with her to reconsider the grudge, and she states that she will, but only if he embarrasses himself for her. Basically, she has Nick roll around in the sand and make a complete fool of himself. But, true to her word, Jaclyn gives Nick the date card after she’s sufficiently pleased by his clowning. Naturally, Nick does all this without even knowing if Samantha will even say yes to the date.

On Justin and Cassandra’s date, they bond over being parents and having been engaged before. At first, Justin is stunned by her physical perfection, but he actually starts to catch feelings, the more they speak to one another. Cassandra is feeling the same way, fighting back tears as she hears him talk about his son. They end up making out on the beach during their picnic, and it’s actually pretty hot. “I’ve been looking for a guy like Justin forever,” Cassandra states, noting how strange it is to have potentially found love after just one day. To be more precise, Cassandra, it’s only been a couple of hours. So temper your expectations, lest you end up like Juelia. Then again, I don’t see Justin dumping Cassandra to trade up, because I frankly don’t think there IS such a thing as trading up from Cassandra. Have you SEEN this girl?!

Back at Paradise Samantha is talking about how she’s willing to go home if it comes to it. She thinks Nick is cute, but tonight, she’s looking to just hang out. On cue, Nick arrives and takes Samantha aside to ask her out on a date. And she actually accepts, surprisingly. At the bar, Carly and Jade talk trash about Samantha and her manipulative personality. In particular, Carly hates that Samantha is here while all her friends have left. “Samantha can’t be here looking for love, because she doesn’t even know what that word means,” Carly declares, while Jade debates whether she’ll remain friends with Samantha after this.


So it turns out the last week of Paradise will be only for couples, so people on-the-bubble will need to decide whether or not they’re going to take things to the next level before the Rose Ceremony. This means Jared, who now has to decide what he does or doesn’t have with Ashley I. right now. He admits that their connection is far better than he initially thought it was, but their relationship isn’t where it needs to be, noting that nothing actually happened in the Fantasy Suite (then what about all those clips in the “This season on…” preview where one of the girls declares, “Ashley isn’t a virgin anymore, and she might be pregnant?!”). He hates having to break Ashley’s heart, but he can’t force it, and he doesn’t want to lead Ashley on. So he takes Ashley aside and explains the situation, letting her know how badly he wanted the connection to be there. And he does sound genuine when he says this, which is part of why I like Jared. He comes across as a sincere guy, even when he’s breaking bad news. As expected, Ashley takes this horribly, particularly when Jared announces that he will not be sticking around for the Rose Ceremony. He will be leaving tonight. As in, right now.

Jared says his goodbyes, and then Ashley walks him to the SUV. He states how awful he is to be making her cry, saying that he never wants to see her cry. Jared lets Ashley know she’s amazing, while Ashley says Jared is even more amazing. While their relationship isn’t working out, Ashley thanks him for showing her that the total package exists out there. They say their final goodbyes, as Jared gets into the SUV.

JARED leaves Paradise!

As he leaves, Ashley I. states that Jared is the best guy she’s ever met, that even when breaking her heart, he’s still such a good guy. The others are sympathetic, but seem kind of over it, particularly Mackenzie, who seems moments away from the world’s biggest eye roll (and she hasn’t even been there for the whole mess of that relationship!). Ashley I. says that, ultimately, she doesn’t care if she leaves Paradise, she only cares about leaving without Jared. A sad end to the Disney fairy tale.

Meanwhile, Samantha and Nick disappear for their date, as Nick drones on in a confessional about how Samantha is “the most beautiful thing” he’s ever seen. He’s ecstatic that things didn’t work out between her and Joe, since Joe’s loss is Nick’s gain. The date itself is another boring affair, as they basically have dinner prepared by a world class chef. I mean, it’s great for them, but it’s not like we’re going to be eating that food. And I’m sick to death of people having little else to talk with Samantha about except how beautiful she is. Nick states that while he won a quarter of a million dollars on The Bachelor Pad, he thinks winning time with Samantha is more valuable. And now I might actually need to excuse myself to go vomit, with all of these painfully treacly cliches. It’s almost as tiresome as having us cut back to Paradise to hear everyone talking smack on Samantha, which we do. We then return to the date to find Samantha asking Nick what prompted him to want to pursue her so badly (so basically, “Tell me why I’m awesome!”). Then, surprisingly, Samantha kisses Nick in response to his answer, although it’s a dreadfully passionless kiss. I pretty much agree with Carly, who feels Samantha is just using Nick for a rose.


So Carly spends an inordinate amount of time in confessionals, bragging about how she’s found something amazing with Kirk, and how she’s definitely getting a rose, and doesn’t have to worry about a single damn thing. Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Amber are testing the waters, seeing if there’s anyone they could find a relationship with here. Then Chris Harrison arrives to reveal that the cocktail party has been canceled, and it’s stated in an embarrassingly obvious voiceover that was dubbed in through post-production. Why even have Chris out there anymore?

Anyway, we’re going straight to the Rose Ceremony, as Carly predicts this will be a “blood bath”. Ashley I. actually kicks things off by declaring that she’s leaving Paradise, since the guy she cared about is gone. She states that while she laments losing Paradise, she appreciates her time in Paradise, because she feels this experience helped her see that the qualities of the perfect man do exist out there. Ashley admits that she’s grown a lot and has been more open than ever, so this was ultimately still worth it.

ASHLEY I. leaves Paradise!

In the car, she calls Lauren and tearfully admits that while she might not technically be in love with Jared, she’s close enough. I’d say it was closer to obsession, but I guess love and obsession aren’t mutually exclusive.

So Ashley S. reveals, in a confessional, that they’ve all been here for five weeks, finally putting a timeline to this entire mess (I had assumed they’d been there for three weeks, tops). This is the fifth and final Rose Ceremony, and the men are in control of the roses, and at least four women will be going home tonight.

Kirk kicks things off by giving his rose to Carly.
Tanner follows up by giving his rose to Jade.
Nick, unsurprisingly, gives his rose to Samantha.
Joshua gives his rose to Tenley (and then says a goofy “Yessss!” when she accepts).
Justin gives his rose to Cassandra (causing Dan to lament that all his options are off the table).

Amber hopes Dan will give her a second chance, but when Dan steps up to the podium, he gives a length speech, saying how much he regrets that things didn’t work with Ashley S., and telling Amber that there’s some things you just can’t force. He says that if he’s going to be honest with himself, he hasn’t found love here this season, so he’s going to remove himself from the competition.

DAN leaves Paradise!

In his farewell, Dan says he would have liked to have found a relationship in Paradise, but he’s not going to string people along just for the sake of stringing people along. Chris announces that with Dan gone, his rose goes with him, so now one more woman will be leaving as well. Mikey has the final rose of the evening, although Carly wonders what the hell Mikey is even still doing here, saying he should have left when Juelia did. Unfortunately for Mikey, he asks Mackenzie to accept his rose, and she kindheartedly rejects him. SO awkward.

MACKENZIE leaves Paradise!

Mackenzie says she just couldn’t accept the rose, because Mikey wasn’t what she was looking for. Back at the ceremony, Mikey says that Mackenzie was his last option here, so he’s leaving Paradise. Ashley S. thinks Mikey was pathetic for asking Mackenzie, who has the same life as Juelia but without anywhere near as much maturity. “Sometimes you gotta just be a man and walk away,” she says. You mean like he just did?

MIKEY T. leaves Paradise!

And with that…

JACLYN, AMBER, CHELSIE and ASHLEY S. leave Paradise!

The remaining couples celebrate, with Carly singing a little ditty: “A rose is just a rose, til he gets down to propose! A rose is just a rose, until your hand’s empty!” That was…actually really cute. Carly has quite a good voice. Still, she REALLY needs to ease up on the smugness about her relationship with Kirk.


We’re down to 10 people, split into five couples: Jade and Tanner, Carly and Kirk, Joshua and Tenley, Justin and Cassandra, and Samantha and Nick. Chris Harrison reveals that the remaining days are for exploring the relationships that have been established already. There will be no new arrivals. Furthermore, each couple will receive a date that will lead to a Fantasy Suite. Some are nervous about overnight dates (Cassandra, Tanner) whereas others are anxious and excited (Carly, Jade, Tenley). In fact, the girls generally seem more excited about these overnight dates than the guys. In a confessional, Kirk talks about how nervous he is about carrying the massive responsibility of Carly’s heart on his shoulders. He tells Tanner that he’s had some doubts over the last few days about his relationship with Carly, and he can’t do this to her anymore.

Of course, Kirk is somewhat terrified about having to have this conversation with Carly, saying that he hates having to have this conversation with Carly. But he admits that he has been going through the motions a bit, which isn’t fair to Carly, and he goes on to compare their situation to when you’re laying in bed with someone, but you still feel alone. What makes things harder for Kirk is to hear Carly giggling upstairs, gushing with giddy excitement over the Fantasy Suite date. This breaks Kirk’s heart, but he tells the guys he NEEDS to have this conversation with Carly, since she’s already talking about having his kids, and he’s nowhere NEAR that level of commitment. Kirk walks up to meet Carly, while stating in a confessional that this is going to be difficult, mostly because Carly truly has no idea it’s coming. However, Kirk says that his mind is made up, and there’s nothing she can say to change his mind. This is going to be brutal.

So Carly is gushing about Kirk being her soulmate, and then doesn’t pick up on the sour signals Kirk is giving off when he comes to take her aside. The other girls pick up on it though, immediately getting nervous after they disappear. On the way down to the beach, Carly jokingly asks Kirk if he’s breaking up with her. Yeah, this isn’t good. The girls back at the bungalow are literally hanging over the side to try and listen in on this conversation.


Kirk thanks Carly for making this the best five weeks he’s had in ages, saying that what he felt caught him off-guard. However, he admits to Carly that as they’ve discussed their future these past few days, he’s begun to fear that he’s a little behind. In fact, he thinks he’s a lot behind. Carly realizes what’s happening now, and turns her face away from Kirk, turning completely blank as he states that he’s “just not there right now.” Carly declares, in a matter-of-fact manner, that she’s going to go home right now. Kirk says that his doubts don’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t feel something. But Carly doesn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t want to have this conversation, and threatens that she might throw up if she has to hear another word. She asks if he was just faking it this entire time, but Kirk states that his feelings for her were real. He tries to get her to stay and talk with him, but she refuses. “You know that I run, and I’m running,” she says. “I feel like you’ve tricked me.”

“I haven’t tricked you at all!” Kirk says.
“Well, how long have you been feeling this way?”
“I don’t know. A week?”

This is where Carly loses it. She bails and starts running as fast as she can to get the hell out of this situation, while Jade and Tenley immediately race to meet up with Carly and intercept her. You know, I’ll always respect how close female friends are there for each other when they see a disaster in motion. Still, I don’t know how this conversation could have ended any other way but disastrously, even if I did think Kirk probably could have handled it better. Dude tried to immediately double back on his confession almost as soon as he saw how upset it made Carly, and that just wasn’t going to work. It came across as patronizing, and I understand why Carly was so upset. Some might get on her case for falling so hard for someone in just five weeks, but being in an isolated location like that, and in a state where your feelings are keenly focused on just one other person, sort of accelerates the process. That said, no matter how hard you feel in five weeks, it was way too early to be talking about children and all that, especially without hearing those words out of him yourself.

Kirk feels awful, saying Carly was clearly blindsided. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much sympathy from Tanner, who thinks it was an “assh*le move” for him to wait until the 11th hour to break her heart. Carly is already packing while crying hysterically, and her heartbreak is so pronounced that Jade and Tenley are crying too. “I don’t even know this person,” Carly says. “I hate him!” she says, trying to catch her breath in-between sobs. Jade just doesn’t get why Kirk would wait until now to end this. “I thought he was taking care of my best friend’s heart, and I GAVE him that permission!” Jade cries. Tenley says Kirk really should have ended things before they got to talking of building a future together.

Kirk immediately makes things worse by showing up and trying to talk to Carly again as she’s preparing to leave. He doesn’t get why she wouldn’t want to talk to him, because he’s apparently a moron. Carly repeatedly tells him she doesn’t want to have this conversation, that she doesn’t even want to look at him because she doesn’t see anything in his eyes anymore, but he keeps persisting, saying she deserves a conversation. “Yes, but YOU don’t. YOU don’t deserve a conversation!” she responds. She’s sick of hearing Kirk’s excuses. At this point, Jade offers to step in, telling Kirk he needs to respect Carly’s wishes and leave her alone. But, again, Kirk persists, which results in Jade breaking down in sobs. Mercifully, Kirk finally gives up and starts packing, as Jade declares that Kirk has backstabbed Carly. Tenley adds that Kirk is awful because he “allowed Carly to be in love,” knowing how he felt.

CARLY and KIRK leave Paradise! (Although, sadly, not together)

In the car, Kirk breaks down, saying this was his worst breakup ever, but he wanted to be honest, and he can’t help how he feels. Kirk says it “f***ing kills me” to see how scarred Carly is going to be from this, and we see how badly she’s already affected by this. Namely, she states that she had never been so happy before, but now…well, Kirk is just “the worst kind of guy.” I actually feel awful for both of them. Kirk could have handled that FAR better (and WAY, WAY earlier) than he did, but he couldn’t help the lack of a connection. Similarly, Carly was right to be as upset as she was, considering this is a man she opened up to. You could argue that she got too clingy, too quick, but nobody deserves to get snowed like that. It’s just a sad state of affairs.

Thankfully, we end on a fun little blooper of Tenley getting spooked during a confessional, and falling out of her bra. Tenley has such a cute smile. Seriously.

Aaaaand that’s a wrap on tonight’s episode! What did you think of tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise? Sound off in the comments!

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Until next time, thank you for reading!


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