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Bachelor In Paradise – Live Blog and Recap – Episode 10 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for Bachelor In Paradise Episode 10!

Last night, Joe was eliminated in a controversial rose ceremony in which Samantha essentially threw her former beau under the bus, giving her rose to Dan in the process! Unfortunately, Dan seems to be woefully misguided about just what that rose means, believing he’s somehow immune to being played himself. Is Samantha just using Dan? Or does Dan really have a shot? And who will new arrival Chelsie choose to ask out on a date? Also, what will happen when Ashley I. asks a VERY important favor from host Chris Harrison?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating at each commercial break with recap, analysis and more. Let’s get this show on the road!

Bachelor In Paradise - Live Blog and Recap - Episode 10 (VIDEO)

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So we open with Juelia getting stung on the foot by a jellyfish, and asking Tenley to pee on it, because this is Bachelor In Paradise, and this is the sort of thing that happens. Oh, and people still don’t like Samantha, because why the hell would they? Meanwhile, Chelsie uses a date card to ask out Nick. Naturally, this date with Nick isn’t exactly the best outcome for Ashley S., who could end up on the outs again. Meanwhile, Carly is gushing about Kirk, and how she came to Paradise assuming that she would always be worried about going home, yet she’s somehow managed to be in one of the most solid relationships this season. And now, I’m worried this might be a case of Famous Last Words.

Anyway, Mackenzie (from Chris’s season) arrives in Paradise, and Ashley I. is absolutely stoked to see one of her best friends in Paradise. Ashley I. immediately gives her the lay of the end, which includes talking about how into Jared she is. Mackenzie thinks this is adorable, since Jared is exactly the type of guy Ashley I. would be into, yet she notes (in a confessional) that she’s in a tough situation. On the one hand, she doesn’t want to step on any toes. On the other hand, she’s also here to try and find love and stick around. So some people are invariably going to be rubbed the wrong way, no matter what she does. Ashley I. doesn’t help her case for sanity by saying she’s contemplated just giving Jared a shirt that reads “Off-Limits”, despite Jared already having given her the break-up speech.

As for the big date, Nick and Chelsie really hit it off, lotioning each other up on a yacht, and then swimming in the ocean. They actually seem to have a pretty great connection, but then Nick blows it by bringing up Samantha and noting, in the interest of full disclosure, that he had been talking to Samantha before the show started. Chelsie wants to know if his feelings have changed now that Samantha is available again, and he gives a noncommittal answer. However, in a confessional he states that while he knows he could have a good thing with Chelsie, he’s still hung up on Samantha. This is intercut with Dan continuing to feed his own delusions about how great of a match he and Samantha are. OH MY GOD, SHE’S NOT EVEN THAT GORGEOUS, STOP BEING SO DAMN THIRSTY.

Anyway, Mackenzie is feeling kind of lousy because she’s come to Paradise so late, which means she doesn’t have a whole lot of choices. It’s basically between Justin and Dan. However, she talks to Justin and immediately hits it off with him, as they bond over both being parents. She finds his capacity to have love for another person to be very appealing. Mackenzie gives Dan a shot with a conversation, but her mind is pretty much made up. She asks Justin on the date, and he accepts, leaving Amber feeling suddenly depressed, now that she could potentially lose another guy with whom she’s made a connection. Wait, the man you just said last night that you saw as more of a friend?


Jaclyn (from Ben’s season) arrives in Paradise, and she immediately starts by saying she doesn’t care about what’s happened so far at Paradise, she wants to steal boyfriends, and be a reality show cliche. Okay, so she didn’t say the last one, but everyone seems pretty leery of her, even the ones who know nothing about her, like Dan. Ashley I. has heard nothing but terrible things, and Jaclyn quickly lives up to the low expectations.The other girls try to give her the lay of the land, such as who’s dating whom, but Jaclyn quickly responds that she doesn’t care who’s in a relationship and who isn’t. Jaclyn expresses an interest in Jared, and Juelia warns her that Ashley I. really, really likes him. “I don’t care,” Jaclyn says, and while that comes across as a villainous statement, that’s kind of the point of Paradise. You come for you, not to help other people keep their relationships intact. No one is off-limits. At least, they shouldn’t be.

Justin and Mackenzie go on their date, and she learns that Justin’s last name is Wright. So she’s literally on a date with Mr. Wright. Mackenzie feels they already have amazing chemistry, and she’s anxious to get to know him more. However, the date proves to be a bit confusing, as they show up at the date sight with a bonfire burning, as well as candles and ropes everywhere. Neither has any idea what’s going on, and they fear (or anticipate?) a possible S&M-themed chef. Right on cue, a Mexican priest or shaman arrives with a torch and begins talking to them in Spanish. They have absolutely no idea what he’s saying. The shaman tells them to take off their clothes, but they misinterpret the word “ropa” to mean “rope”, when it actually means “clothes”. Once they’ve stripped down, the shaman begins purifying their bodies with smoke. Mackenzie: “Am I going to be sacrificed tonight? Because I am NOT a virgin.” Oh, she’s just precious.

Anyway, the shaman has them cover each other’s backs with mud, and the more I watch this, the more I think the shaman is perfectly capable of speaking to them in English. For her part, Mackenzie says she hopes that when this airs, there will be subtitles. Funnily enough, there are, but not for the shaman. Rather, Mackenzie and Justin’s perfectly audible whispers are what get subtitled. It’s a deeply awkward date, but they at least seem to enjoy rinsing the mud off of each other’s hot bods. They also seem to be having a good time, as they have garlands placed on their heads, and are made to kiss. They do it happily, only for the shaman to then tell them that they’re not officially married. Mackenzie: “….What?” I mean, I didn’t think we’d get another Marcus and Lacey this season, but I guess the show isn’t above tricking people into marrying in order to get their success story quotient up. Naturally, Justin knows the wedding isn’t real, but Mackenzie goes around telling everyone they actually got married. Justin finds it amusing that Mackenzie seems to believe this is a legit wedding, as she wonders aloud if any kids they have together will be Mexican, since they got married in Mexico. D’awwwww. Seriously, though, I see a quickie divorce in their future.


So Jaclyn has to pick a dude for her date, but she’s not exactly thrilled about her options, saying they should have called this show “Kaitlyn’s Rejects”. However, she does find Jared intriguing, noting that he’s a cute guy, and she really doesn’t care one iota that Ashley I. is into him. She talks to Jared, and he feels she’s a spitfire, which he likes, because outgoing girls appeal to him. However, Ashley I. is pretty much losing her mind here, watching Jaclyn and Jared talk. “I’m not going to let her take Jared away from me!” she declares, and goes storming off to find Chris Harrison.

Tanner is spot-on when assessing Jaclyn’s “black widow” vibe, noting that she comes across as the type of person who’d rip your head off after sex. But Jaclyn is determined to rescue Jared from Ashley I., saying that she’s “elementary” and needs to grow up. Jared, for his part, is still defending Ashley I., noting that they both understand each other and are open to exploring other relationships. While this is happening, Ashley I. is meeting with Chris Harrison to ask if he can arrange for her to have an overnight date with Jared.


I mean, of course it works. This is ready-made drama, so why the hell wouldn’t Chris Harrison agree to it? Jared rejects, Ashley I. has a meltdown, and drama ensues. Or Jared accepts, Ashley I. jumps his bones (or tries to), and drama ensues. It’s win-win for the producers! Ashley I. skips back to the gathering just as Jaclyn asks Jared if he’d consider going on a date with her. THIS IS FRESH MADNESS, AND I LOVE IT!

In a confessional, Jared admits that a date with Jaclyn would be fun. But now he’s got a choice: Jaclyn or Ashley I.? Naturally, Jared’s eyes glaze over as soon as Ashley I. asks him out, but he seems resigned to accepting, and eventually perks up and says sure. Now that everyone knows it’s an overnight date, there’s a huge expectation that Ashley I. is trying to lose her V-card, which Jaclyn thinks is crazy. Ashley I. has said she’s physically attracted to Jared so much that she’s cool with whatever happens next. Basically, Ashley I. explains that Jared is the hottest guy she’s ever seen, so she’s definitely okay with “doing stuff”. Tanner states that he wants Jared to find happiness more than anyone, so he’d love to see him take Ashley I.’s virginity. Yet, aside from being a weirdly gross statement, we’re actually given no indication from Jared that getting to take Ashley I.’s virginity would constitute happiness for him. Sure, sex is great and all, but if Jared knowingly takes advantage of Ashley I.’s feelings for him without feeling the same way, then I’m going to be REALLY disappointed in him. However, it’s hard to know where Jared’s thoughts lie, since he’s been the most obtuse person in Paradise. The edit has given us hardly anything of his thoughts, as it feels like they’ve arbitrarily stopped giving him real confessionals. Anyway, Jared and Ashley I. leave for their date, which basically involves going to a hotel room, because this is the least subtle show in history.

Aaaaand that’s a wrap on tonight’s episode! What did you think of tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise? Sound off in the comments!

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