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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakup Reportedly Caused By Huge Fight

Bachelor In Paradise stars Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are rumored to have broken up over the past week or so. Although neither party has confirmed the separation, they have taken turns unfollowing each other on social media, and deleting pictures of happier times. So what caused the big breakup? Apparently, it was a huge fight that turned nasty.

According to TMZ, the fight occurred earlier this month when Murray and Stanton attended the annual Jingle Ball at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with several of their former Bachelor In Paradise cast mates. One of those cast mates, Ashley Iaconetti, recalled that she had gone on vacation to Lake Tahoe with Amanda, and mentioned that they had been drinking. Murray heard this, and immediately flipped out on Amanda, since she had told him she didn’t drink during the trip at all. The two got into an argument about it, and the rest is history.

Or rather, that’s history from just one of TMZ’s sources.

'Bachelor In Paradise' Breakup Reportedly Caused By Huge Fight

Source: YouTube

Another source, one closer to Josh this time, stated that the fight was about something “nasty” Amanda had whispered into his ear. Whatever the comment happened to be, Josh felt it was disrespectful to him, and it resulted in the argument that ultimately doomed their relationship. Well, more so than it was already doomed, apparently. Although the exes spent time together in the days following their breakup, it wasn’t enough to get the relationship back on track. Basically, it’s a clean break, and it’s probably for the best, honestly. Murray has reportedly returned to Atlanta, while Stanton has remained in California with her two daughters, and they’re the ones I really feel for in all this, especially if they formed any sense of attachment to Murray over the past six months. Hopefully, everyone involved can move on from this.

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