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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Are Vinny and Izzy Back Together? (VIDEO)

At the start of Bachelor In Paradise, Vinny Ventiera and Izzy Goodkind were among the strongest couples in the resort. However, when Brett Melnick arrived on the island, Izzy was overcome by her attraction, and the realization that Vinny just wasn’t opening up to her like she thought he should. So she ended things in what, so far, has been the most acrimonious split of the season.

But it looks like the bad blood may have fallen by the wayside in the months since shooting wrapped, as Vinny and Izzy were spotted together on a flight from LA to NYC on August 24. TMZ caught up with them for an interview, in which they claim they aren’t together:

'Bachelor In Paradise' Are Vinny and Izzy Back Together

Source: YouTube

“You know, we’re friends. I’m traveling to New York and so was she, so I figured let’s hop on the same flight,” Vinny stated. “We can talk about things on a flight. There was a little planning behind it.”

That said, once on the flight, we can see Izzy falling asleep on Vinny in a fairly cute little moment. Perhaps Izzy’s apology on After Paradise, in which she admits she regrets her decision to pick Brett over Vinny, carried more weight than viewers might have anticipated? Either way, Vinny seems like a good guy, and Izzy, though confused during her time on Paradise, seems like a perfectly lovely woman. So I hope they find happiness, even if it isn’t with each other.

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