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Baby Otter Returned After Week Away From Family – But That’s Just Half The Story (VIDEO)

Meet ZooToby – an adorable six week old baby otter that was separated from its family when it fell into a canal in a marina in Singapore. For one week it was cared for by Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

The rescuers then decided to return the otter back to its family, hoping for the right moment. The time came and ZooToby eventually was reunited with his family.

This was an awesome reunion – but if you watch the video, you will notice one glaring thing that apparently looked “normal” to the Singaporeans who made this video: the beach was filthy. There were plastic bottles and all kinds of trash everywhere. As in everywhere.

I ultimately felt bad for the otters because of the awful conditions they are living in on that beach! It’s one of the dirtiest beaches I’ve seen in my life.

Maybe they should clean up the beach first. That’s probably how the otter got lost in the first place surrounded by trash.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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