There Are More Babies Born in the US Being Named Khaleesi Than Betty

The year 2012 saw the rise in popularity for the “name” Khaleesi (which is really just the fictional Dothraki word for Queen in HBO’s Game of Thrones series), making the moniker more popular in the States than Betty.

Probably because how many Betty’s do you know who have pet dragons?

Babies Named Khaleesi

Credit: HBO

According to the Social Security Administration, in 2012, 146 babies were named Khaleesi (and an additional 21 were named after the character’s actual name Daenerys), which is way more than the number of Nadine’s and Betty’s who were born that same year.

Compare this to 2010 when less than 5 babies were named Khaleesi and the 28 who were born in 2011.

Arya has also surged in popularity, with the name being used for more female babies than baby boys as previous data showed.

However, Game of Thrones isn’t the only franchise to make fictional names popular. With the release of Harry Potter, the names Draco, Sirius and Hermione have also risen in popularity.

And let’s not forget Katniss. In 2012 more babies were named Katniss than Maude or Lucianne after The Hunger Games heroine.

Imagine how ridiculous role call is going to be when these kids start going to school.

Petitioning to have all teachers only call out the name Khaleesi in their best Jorah Mormont voice!

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