Azealia Banks Arrested for Attacking a Security Guard + Biting Her Breast

Azealia Banks was arrested early Wednesday (Dec. 16) and charged with second-degree harassment, disorderly conduct and assault with intent to cause physical harm after an altercation at a New York City nightclub.

In addition to the three counts mentioned above, Banks was also given another attempted assault charge during her arraignment.

According to sources for Page Six, Banks was booted from the club after getting into a dispute with the bouncers over protocol required for entering an invite-only party.

And it didn’t end once she was taken outside. After being removed for allegedly spitting and shouting racial slurs (because “don’t you know who I am?”), the rapper punched a female security guard and then proceeded to bite her in the breast “almost breaking her shirt.”

Despite threatening to call the cops herself, Banks was promptly arrested. She was released following her arraignment.

Of course this isn’t her first run in with the law, Banks also had trouble with a security guard in Los Angeles back in November and attacked a man in September on a Delta flight.

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