Auto Workers Lash Out At Donald Trump Over Ford Comments

The auto industry isn’t happy about what Donald Trump had to say about Ford during the first Presidential Debate on Monday. Some workers feel Trump is misguided in his attacks on the company for moving its small car production to Mexico.

Chris Burns, a 46-year-old auto worker and Trump supporter, admits that he isn’t crazy about Ford moving some small car production to Mexico, but notes that the trade-off is greater than what they would be losing. In particular, Burns states that the company would be “getting new product” to help build trucks and SUVs stateside, without Michigan plants suffering job losses. As an employee of Ford for 16 years, this clearly means a lot to Burns.

Of course, Burns isn’t the only Ford employee who feels this way, as Henry Ford’s great-grandson Bill Ford, the current executive chairman of the company, spoke out about Trump’s comments at an industry in Detroit on Thursday.

“We are everything that he should be celebrating about this country,” said Ford. “We pulled ourselves up with our bootstraps. We paid back our borrowings. We are very healthy again. We’ve been adding jobs in the U.S. And we’re the largest manufacturer of cars and trucks in the U.S.”

Auto Workers Lash Out At Donald Trump Over Ford Comments

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Ford would go on to state that “investments we are making in the U.S. are enormous” and that Trump’s “basic premise is wrong.” In particular, Ford is referencing the investment last November of over $9 billion in U.S. plants, which would allow for the creation or the retention of over 8,500 jobs, with $4.8 billion specifically going to 11 factories in Michigan.

“For over 100 years we’ve been in markets all over the world making vehicles. We’ve made vehicles in Mexico for a long time,” Ford declared.

So it looks as though Ford seems to know what they’re doing, even though some of the workers may have their doubts about just how good of an idea it is to move small car production to Mexico. But if a longtime employer such as Burns has faith in the company, then it’s a good sign that people aren’t necessarily in fear of losing their jobs over this. Then again, it’ll be hard to know until the plan is actually put into action. I suppose we’ll see soon enough.

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