Audi Developing Cars That Will Talk To Traffic Lights

Audi is inching closer to future tech in the car market, as the German auto manufacturer is developing technology that will allow vehicles to talk to traffic lights.

In particular, Audi of America has announced that select numbers of 2017 Q7 and A4 vehicles will have the new system “V-to-I” built in. However, this will only apply to those Q7 and A4 models built after June 1, 2016.

This is Audi’s first leap into the world of “V-to-I”, or vehicle to infrastructure, technology. This new system displays a counter that counts down to when a red light will turn green. A countdown will also appear before a light turns red, in order to warn drivers when it will be too late to safely/legally get through an approaching intersection.

Audi Developing Cars That Will Talk To Traffic Lights

Source: YouTube

Pom Malhotra, the general manager of Audi’s connected vehicles division, stated that this has less to do with safety, and is more just “a comfort and convenience feature.”

Audi plans on rolling this out gradually to multiple cities in 2016, although the company did not reveal which would be first, since there’s a lot of red tape to cut through before this will all be up and running. Something like this requires the involvement of the cities and their respective transportation authorities. But once this is online, it could change the way people drive.

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