Asa Butterfield Is Now Marvel’s Top Pick for Spider-Man

Proving that words are wind and studio plans change like the weather, Ender’s Game and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star Asa Butterfield is now reportedly the top pick for the new, live-action Spider-Man franchise.

The news was broken on Instagram by Latino Review’s Umberto Gonzalez, who noted that Butterfield has been Marvel’s top choice since the beginning:

Naturally, the news that Butterfield may be the new Spidey may come as a bit of a surprise to fans looking for a more well-known name.

In February, rumors circulated that Marvel was torn between Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien, either of whom would have been a really solid choice for the role, if you ask me (which, to be fair, no one is). Sure, both actors are a bit older than Marvel’s intended goal to have a high school-aged Peter Parker for this new franchise, but I feel it’s probably more important to have a good actor in the role than just a young actor.

Asa Butterfield Is Now Marvel's Top Pick for Spider-Man

Credit: Hey U Guys Interview (YouTube)

That said, Butterfield is both good and young. But is he right for Spidey? I really don’t know. I mean, the character was conceived as a fairly fragile-looking teenager, since Stan Lee wanted to give off the sense that anyone could be a superhero, even a wiry, geeky teenager from New York City. If that’s the approach Marvel wants to take, then he’s right on the money. But is that an approach that’s going to play on the big screen? I’ll hold off on judgment until he’s officially confirmed for the role, but I’m not entirely sold on him yet. That said, I’m 100% open to being wrong about this.

What do you think? Is Butterfield good for the role? If not, whom would you pick? Sound off in the comments!

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