Art Directors Guild Awards 2016: ‘The Revenant’, ‘Mad Max’, ‘The Martian’ Win Top Honors

The winners have been revealed for the Art Directors Guild Awards 2016, and thanks to the large spread of categories, the wealth felt pretty broadly distributed tonight. Seriously, it felt as though each of the Oscar frontrunners in production design managed to score a win, while the television honorees were as varied as they were deserving.

The 20th annual ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and honored the best production designs in a visual medium this year. In the feature film categories, Jack Fisk earned the top prize for Period Film for his work on The Revenant, while Mad Max: Fury Road earned ADG honors for Colin Gibson in the Fantasy Film category. Lastly, Arthur Max won in the Contemporary Film category for his work on The Martian. All three are nominated at the Academy Awards, which makes the race for the Best Production Design Oscar even harder to call, although conventional wisdom suggests that The Revenant is the frontrunner, considering that the winner for Period Film has gone on to win the Oscar three out of the last four years (so says The Hollywood Reporter). As for television, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story: Hotel, and even the Oscars themselves were named winners. And they weren’t the only ones either, as Key & Peele, The Muppets and The Big Bang Theory were given awards at the ceremony. So yeah, a lot of wealth to spread around here. I’ve been loving this awards season largely for its wide variety in winners, and tonight’s ceremony was no different.

Check out the full list of winners for the Art Directors Guild Awards 2016 below:

Art Directors Guild Awards 2016 'The Revenant', 'Mad Max', 'The Martian' Win Top Honors

Credit: 20th Century Fox


Period Film

The Revenant — Production designer: Jack Fisk

Fantasy Film

Mad Max: Fury Road — Production designer: Colin Gibson

Contemporary Film

The Martian — Production designer: Arthur Max

One-Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Series

Game of Thrones: “High Sparrow,” “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” “Hardhome” — Production designer: Deborah Riley

One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Series

Homeland: “The Tradition of Hospitality,” “All about Allison,” “The Litvinov Ruse” — Production designer: John D. Kretschmer

Television Movie or Limited Series

American Horror Story: Hotel: “Checking In” — Production designer: Mark Worthington

Half Hour Single-Camera Series

The Muppets: “The Ex-Factor,” “Pig’s in a Blanket” — Production designer: Denise Pizzini

Multicamera Series

The Big Bang Theory: “The Skywalker Incursion,” “The Mystery Date Observation,” “The Platonic Permutation” — Production designer: John Shaffner

Awards or Event Special

The Oscars: 2015 — Production designer: Derek Mclane

Short Format: Web Series, Music Video or Commercial

Apple Music: “The History of Sound” — Production designer: Jess Gonchor

Variety, Reality or Competition Series

Key & Peele: “Ya’ll Ready for This?” “The End” — Production designer: Gary Kordan

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