Ariana Grande Faces the End of the World in ‘One Last Time’ Official Video

It’s the end of the world! And Ariana Grande is at the center of it!

The official video for her newest single, “One Last Time,” Ariana races against time as a comet is headed directly for Earth. The video takes on the quality of a found footage disaster movie, a la Cloverfield, making for a clip that’s surprisingly cinematic, considering we hardly ever see Ariana’s face until the end. It’s a pretty action-packed clip too, as the world is pretty much crumbling around Ariana, who struggles in vain to outrun the destruction of Earth alongside her hapless boyfriend. It’s a really great video, and probably the best of Ariana’s recent clips, even though it doesn’t have the inherently silly, tongue-in-cheek quality that made “Break Free” so fun, or the retro look that made “Problem” such a cool clip. I’m interested to see if/how Ariana Grande tops this one on the next video.

But what do you think of the new Ariana Grande video? You can check out the official video for “One Last Time” below:

Ariana Grande Faces the End of the World in 'One Last Time' Official Video

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