‘Apes’ Host Rodner Figueroa threatens Univision: ‘Michelle Obama never complained’

Rodner Figueroa is fighting back at Univision for firing him after he made a “Planet of the Apes” joke about Michelle Obama. His lawyer angrily told TMZ that the reason he was fired was not because of the joke — but because Figueroa was trying to unionize Univision.

Rodner’s lawyer Marty Singer says that the office of the First Lady never called to complain about the joke, which ultimately led to him being fired. He says that this was just a convenient way to get rid of him.

Singer is demanding that Univision rehire Rodner and make a public apology.

Rodner insists that he was referring to shoddy makeup work of the makeup artist not Michelle Obama.

So that’s his defense? That the office never called? OMG just move on already. If he can’t own up to his mistake, he’s truly unfit to go back to the network.

Even if Michelle Obama never complained, he still should have been fired for being an unrepentant racist.

'Planet of the Apes' Host Rodner Figueroa threatens Univision- 'Michelle Obama never complained'

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