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Anxious Rottweiler Meets A ‘Bear’ For The First Time (VIDEO)

A bear is a pretty scary creature. It frightens humans and animals alike. Hell, some dogs are terrified of a bear: even when the “bear” isn’t real!

In this video, an adorable rottweiler comes face-to-face with a fake bear. Granted, to the dog, it smells like the genuine article, since the fake bear platform features twigs from a bear’s habitat, genuine bear fur, and even bear feces. To the dog, this was as real as could be. So it’s no surprise the rottweiler reacts the way he does. I’d be anxious too! Well, if it were real, I would be. But the poor pooch just doesn’t know! So let’s all cut the guy some slack, and be thankful this wasn’t a real attack. You can watch the video below:

Anxious Rottweiler Meets A 'Bear' For The First Time (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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