Anti-Beyonce NFL Rally Totally Fails – No One Showed Up!

The anti-Beyonce scheduled for Tuesday morning in front of the NFL headquarters in New York City turned into a total bust. No one showed up!

There were reports of three anti-Beyonce protesters who finally arrived, but they were vastly outnumbered by pro-Beyonce supporters who scheduled an anti anti-Beyonce rally at the same place.

The rally was scheduled at 8:00 AM but by 8:40 AM everyone and the police packed up.

This is so hilarious.

From Uproxx:

The Anti-Beyonce protest rally that was scheduled for Tuesday morning in response to Bey’s Black Panther tribute at Super Bowl 50 turned out to be a total bust when only three — THREE — protesters had the balls to show up. In fact, there were more counter-protesters than actual protesters.

On the day “Proud of the Blues” organizers announced their plans to protest outside NFL headquarters in New York at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, Black Girl Rising announced they were getting in formation and holding an anti-anti-Beyonce protest for the same date, time and location. That turned out to be a success, as dozens of Beyonce advocates came prepared to face off against anti-Beyonce protesters.

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