‘Ant-Man’ Trailer Teaser Is Ant-Sized (VIDEO)

The trailer for Ant-Man has gotten a teaser trailer of its own. And it’s got a gimmick that matches thematically with the film itself.

In this teaser for the full-length trailer, we get an ant-sized look at Ant-Man, as the picture is shrunken in the frame. So while there’s plenty of action to see, it’s kind of hard to actually see any of it. I think I could make out Paul Rudd in a shot or two, and an island that looks like Alcatraz. But I can’t be sure, which I suppose is part of the whole “tease” aspect of this teaser.

But we won’t have to wait too long to see the full-length (and full-sized) trailer. The official Ant-Man trailer will premiere this Tuesday, January 6, during the two-hour series premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter at 8:00 PM on ABC. Until then, check out the tiny teaser trailer below, and let us know what you can make out:

'Ant-Man' Trailer Teaser Is Ant-Sized (VIDEO)

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