America’s Most Hated Car Brand Revealed

A survey has revealed America’s most hated car brand, and it’s a brand that represents a fusion of Italian and American engineering.

Fiat, the car brand owned by Fiat Chrysler (FCAU), has been ranked lowest on the American Customer Satisfaction Index for 2015. The index ranks consumer opinion on products and services sold in the United States, and this year, the merger between Italian automaker Fiat and American brand Chrysler ranked at the bottom with Jeep and Dodge (both Fiat Chrysler brands), and actually below the generic “all other brands” listing. In fact, rankings were down across the board, owing to a damn-near record number of recalls this year, coupled with rising prices on lower quality vehicles. But Fiat Chrysler is keeping the faith in their brand, despite the ranking (or, perhaps, in opposition to it):

“While we haven’t seen the results of this year’s ACSI survey, Fiat has done very well recently in similar studies that measure customer satisfaction and vehicle quality,” said Fiat Chrysler, in an official statement to CBS. “Several FIAT models just earned top honors in the 2015 J.D. Power U.S. APEAL Study and Strategic Vision’s 20th Annual Total Quality Index.”

However, the index showed a ranking of 79 points out of 100, which represents a 3 percentage-point decline from last year’s performance in the index. And Fiat Chrysler wasn’t alone, as Chevrolet, Honda, and Jeep took hits this year. You can check out the full rankings below:

America's Most Hated Car Brand Revealed

Credit: Fiat Chrysler

1. Lexus (Toyota) — 84
2. Acura (Honda) — 83
3. Lincoln (Ford) — 83
4. Mercedes-Benz — 83
5. BMW — 82
6. Subaru — 82
7. Toyota — 82
8. Hyundai — 81
9. Buick (GM) — 80
10. Cadillac (GM) — 80
11. Honda — 80
12. Mazda — 80
13. Volkswagen — 80
14. Chevrolet (GM) — 79
15. Ford — 79
16. Volvo — 79
17. Audi (Volkswagen) — 78
18. GMC (GM) — 78
19. KIA — 78
20. Infiniti (Nissan) — 77
21. Dodge (Fiat Chrysler) — 76
22. MINI (BMW) — 76
23. All other brands — 75
24. Jeep (Fiat Chrysler) — 75
25. Chrysler (Fiat Chrysler) — 74
26. Fiat (Fiat Chrysler) — 73

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