America’s Got Talent Singer Brian Justin Crum Goes Viral With ‘Creep’ Cover (VIDEO)

The America’s Got Talent 2016 Judge Cuts came to an end this past week, but not without some major fanfare, as we now have what could be our biggest viral sensation of the season, as Brian Justin Crum made his mark on the competition with his cover of “Creep” by Radiohead.

Brian Justin Crum is a singer who was bullied in his youth, only to mature into an incredible singer with heaps of subtle stage presence and the confidence to lay it all out on the stage vocally. This has never been more apparent than on his Judge Cuts performance earlier this week. If anything, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to watch this live when it occurred, as I’ve been out of town all week on assignment (and now Rickey’s gone at San Diego Comic Con!). But this performance is worth the wait in ways few performances ever have been on this show. This was downright magisterial, and I think Brian Justin Crum could potentially win this entire competition. His voice is as clear and pure as water, and I’m already on my tenth listen. This deserves every one of the over two million views it’s amassed on YouTube since Tuesday. Watch the video below:

America's Got Talent Singer Brian Justin Crum Goes Viral With 'Creep' Cover (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

Result: Brian Justin Crum advanced to the live shows!

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