America’s Got Talent Results: Who Will Win Season 10? (POLL) – 09/15/2015

Tonight was the finals round for America’s Got Talent Season 10, as the Top 10 acts competed for the win! Now, all that’s left is to vote for Season 10’s winner! Which act will win the million dollar prize and the headlining show in Las Vegas?

This was one of the most underwhelming performance finales AGT has ever had, in my opinion. Sure, not every act was below par, but I think this was still a pretty big disappointment, considering how strong the talent lineup was, going in. That said, someone still has to win this thing. Will all the comedians split their votes, allowing for an upset winner? Or will one of the presumed frontrunners take the million dollar prize? Vote in our poll and make your predictions! For this finale vote, we’re allowing up to three choices. So you get to pick a winner, and two back-up choices. Have at it!

America's Got Talent - Season 10

Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC

If you missed any of tonight’s performances, check out our live blog and recap of tonight’s show with videos!

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